Widening a Doorway & Venting a Vaulted Ceiling | Ep. 26

Wide bathroom door
A wheelchair accessible bathroom requires a wide doorway. (DepositPhotos)

On this week’s podcast:

• We’re talking about widening a doorway and what to keep in mind when tackling this type of project.
• A homeowner’s bedroom is right above a garage and it’s getting far too hot. We have a few tips on how she can keep her bedroom cool.
• A caller has a bathroom with a vaulted ceiling and no exhaust. Here’s how she can get a fan inside that room.
• Joe has a Simple Solution that will help you remove any excess glue before it soaks in.

Question of the week:

Mark says, “I purchased a home that had baseboard heat fed by copper water lines to the heating unit. I removed all the baseboard heaters in favor of a heat pump for cooling and heating.

“There are hardwood floors throughout the house. Everywhere a copper pipe came through the floor there is a hole, with the size varying from about an inch to three inches. How can I repair those holes?

“I have some of the original hardwood floorings I salvaged from another remodel project from the house I can use.”

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