Easy Fix for Mysterious Holes in Yard | Ep. 129

Mysterious holes in yard
Mysterious holes in the yard can be hazardous as well as lessen your curb appeal. (AdobeStock ©mike ledray)

While doing yard work, the last thing you want is to find holes in the yard. Especially if more holes pop up gradually and the cause remains a mystery.

One cause of holes in your yard — besides an animal’s activity – can be from something we see a lot right here in the Southeast.

Tree roots that have rotted out due to past hurricanes can be the cause of holes in your yard. This can also happen if you have an existing tree and the roots are growing down into the earth. After they rot out, these holes will form.

This is a simple fix! The first thing to do would be to get some dirt and fill in the holes in your yard. Then, take a post and pack the dirt down in the hole and let the grass grow over it.

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  • What to do when dealing with an unresponsive contractor
  • How to fix visible cut-ins from a botched paint job
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Simple Solutions

No-Mask Window Painting — Next time you’re painting windows, don’t bother taping around the window frame and each glass pane. That takes too long and paint usually ends up on the glass anyway.

Try this pro trick instead: As you paint the window, let a little paint lap onto the glass. Once it’s dry, simply scrape it off with a razor scraper.

Just be careful not to slice through the paint bond between the wood and glass. Otherwise, moisture might seep into the wood and cause rot or blister the paint.

Dust Catcher Tip — When cutting holes in drywall, make a simple newspaper trough to catch the dust. Use painter’s tape to adhere a full sheet of newspaper to the wall directly below where you plan to cut the hole.

Then, lift the newspaper sheet to form a U-shaped trough, and secure the corners to the walls with two long strips of tape. Now, as you cut the hole, the dust will drop down into the newspaper.

When you’re done, simply peel off the tape, fold up the newspaper, and toss it out—dust and all.

Question of the Week

Q: Are gutters and gutter guards something a homeowner should install themselves?

A: Installing gutters is fairly simple, but you will need a ladder, so be careful! Professionals can install gutters up to 50 feet long whereas if you do the installation yourself, the longest you can purchase at a home center is roughly 16-20 feet long. Hauling it back to your home and having the correct fittings is a different story that can be cumbersome.

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