Choosing Kitchen Flooring That’s Durable and Dog-Friendly | Ep. 111

Closeup of stunning upscale kitchen floor with raised panel cabinets and the toe kick
A number of durable, budget (and dog) friendly flooring options are available. (DepositPhotos)
  • [0:28] Removing deck screws without the heads popping off
  • [4:27] What you should know about fiber cement siding’s sound-dampening qualities
  • [9:03] Best New Product: Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill Plus Smoker
  • [10:19] What to do with a water heater that leaves red residue in the bathtub
  • [14:49] Applying paint to a Weatherdek floor on a rooftop deck
  • [18:05] Remodeling a kitchen/family room combination with dog-friendly flooring
  • [23:48] How to clean a grey sandstone fireplace that has become discolored.
  • [27:24] Simple Solution: How to make a tool caddy to attach to your walk-behind lawnmower

Remodeling a room or series of rooms is never easy — it helps to have assistance and make an informed decision.

That’s what Karen in Indiana needs. She’s remodeling her kitchen / family room combination and she wants a budget-conscious, dog-friendly floor.

This is easy from two guys who both have hardwood floors and can attest: hardwood holds up. Ceramic or porcelain tiles also are durable, but you’ll need to apply grout, and that means much more maintenance.

Vinyl plank flooring, which goes down nicely over a wood subfloor, has come down in price, it’s do-it-yourself friendly, and it’s hard for dogs to damage.

But if you did damage one plank, just pull it up and put another one down ­— the flooring isn’t tongue-and-groove, and it doesn’t get much more user-friendly than that!

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Simple Solutions

Tool Caddy for Your Lawn Mower — Oftentimes, when you’re mowing the lawn, you’ll notice other little chores that need to be done. This simple solution makes it possible to easily take care of those chores on-the-spot. You can transform a milk jug or any plastic water container to function as a tool caddy. Simply cut open the top of the container, and use a zip tie or string to attach it to your lawn mower. Watch: Plastic Water Container Tool Caddy

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