Ask Danny | Ep. 17: Reflecting on 25 years of Today’s Homeowner TV

In this special “Ask Danny,” Scott Gardner, creative director for Today’s Homeowner TV, joins me to look back on 25 years of producing the show.

Scott Gardner and Danny Lipford in the early days of Today’s Homeowner TV. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

I met Scott about 26 years ago when Today’s Homeowner TV was still Remodeling Today, and he was working for a local production company.

Watch this interview with Scott Gardner to hear more from him about the show’s history.

Just as our hair and styles have changed over the years, so has the format of the show. In the early days, there were a lot of two-part episodes. The show featured large-scale, lengthy projects from my construction company, so breaking each one up into two episodes made sense.

Nowadays, we focus on smaller projects so we can complete them in a few days. That way, our viewers can see the project from start to finish in each 30-minute episode.

Creative Director Scott Gardner checks the TV monitor on a Today's Homeowner TV shoot in 2020.
Scott Gardner checks the TV monitor on the set of a Today’s Homeowner TV project in 2020. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Another thing that’s changed over the years is the focus on the homeowner. Years ago, you would never see the homeowner. We focused on the contractors working on the projects, and I would intermittently pop in to give some explanation on the work being done.

Now, the homeowners work on every project, and oftentimes they’re what makes the show so entertaining. Seeing them successfully complete their projects inspires our audience and gives anyone who’s watching the show a sense of “I can do this too!”

Listen to the full podcast for more behind-the-scenes details and funny stories!

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