An Update on Lumber Costs During the Pandemic | Ep. 121


Stacked lumber
Lumber prices aren’t down to pre-pandemic levels, but as of June 2021, consumers are starting to see some relief.
  • [5:58]: Exmark’s Backyard Lawn Tips for Summer
  • [12:38]: How to pick a paint color for the outside of your house
  • [15:55]: Home Depot Best New Product: Everbilt Drill-Powered Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush Kit
  • [18:26]: Tips for maintaining your outdoor deck
  • [29:26]: How to pad a saw-horse so you don’t mar the surface of a delicate work-piece
  • [30:42]: Question of the Week: Is there a way I can bring up cool basement air to the upper living level during summertime?


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