2021 Kitchen Trends That You Should Know About

White shaker-style cabinets seen in a modern kitchen with the latest trends for 2020
Shaker-style cabinets are a hot kitchen design trend in 2021.

What’s popular in interior design constantly changes. In this special-edition Today’s Homeowner Podcast, we’re talking with Alex Hughes, Cabinets To Go‘s marketing director, to learn about 2021 kitchen trends.

What’s Hot: Shaker Cabinets

One of the exciting things about kitchen design is the trends are always changing.

Currently, white shaker-style cabinets are tops with customers. This style is versatile and fits with a range of house styles including farmhouse, rustic and traditional.

Declining kitchen trends in 2021 are anything that makes the room look ornate or ‘busy,’ Alex says. Customers want clean lines and less clutter.

There’s another benefit of shaker cabinets: They’re much easier to keep clean, compared to their raised-panel counterparts.

Looking for clean lines? You can’t beat the look of European cabinets, which have smooth surfaces and textures.

As a bonus, they hide the hardware so hinges are not visible from the exterior.

Taking Design Risks

It’s easy — but not always stylish — to use neutrals and select brown and tan for everything in the kitchen, but Cabinets To Go professionals can help you become more adventurous with your choices.

And that’s important because making a statement is one of the 2021 kitchen trends!

For instance, these days, an island can have a completely different color than the cabinets. Or, upper cabinets can have a different color than the lower cabinets.

Nervous about taking a risk? No problem! Cabinets To Go’s showroom has design software and presents a 3D drawing of your kitchen on a big screen so you can see how these trends will actually look in your home.

Features and Assurance

When it comes to hardware, polished brass used to be ‘in’; then came antique brass; and then brushed nickel and stainless steel.

Gold and black finishes have become popular as well. It’s always fun when customers inject their personal style into the design, and that includes everything, right down to the smallest detail like those hinges.

And 2021 kitchen trends also focus on the noise the cabinet doors make — or lack thereof.

Soft-close doors and drawers make cabinets feel high-end and keep the house quieter, which follows overall home trends. With quieter dishwashers, washing machines and ventilation fans, it makes sense to eliminate slamming doors as well.

And Cabinets To Go takes those features one step further, guaranteeing their products and soft-close mechanisms for life. That brings peace of mind!

Listen to this special-edition Today’s Homeowner Podcast to learn even more about this company and upcoming trends!

  • [0:00] Welcome to Alex Hughes, director of Merchandising for Cabinets To Go
  • [2:22] Current trends in cabinets compared to years past
  • [2:43] Why we love Shaker and European cabinet designs
  • [3:32] Design professionals: here to help every step of the way
  • [4:35] The benefit of Cabinets To Go’s design software
  • [5:58] The solution for DIY-ers and professionals
  • [6:58] Hardware — a variety of colors and textures
  • [8:49] The types of cabinets that Danny loves the most
  • [10:46] Future trends in design and products at Cabinets To Go
  • [12:24] How a designer can help you make the most of your square footage


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