Why Sinkholes Occur and How to Repair Them | Ep. 44

On this Week’s Podcast:

• Hearing the word “sinkhole” can be scary — Danny and Joe share how to repair an area that’s starting to sink.

A homeowner has a shed with a 30-year-old coat of paint  — it’s time for a makeover! Here’s how she can check for rot, mold and mildew before adding new paint.

• Do you have some cracked floor tiles? Hear several solutions on the podcast to get the floor as good as new.

• Joe’s Simple Solution — How to keep your shed burglar-proof.

Question of the Week:

Patrick from Arizona writes, “I have a stained-wood front entryway and back deck. I’m seeking a recommendation for the best material to cover steps (partially) for best foot-grip in snowy/icy conditions without harming or deteriorating the wood beneath.”

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