Tips for Cleaning a Shower

No one likes removing soap scum from a shower. Here are a few tips to that can keep your shower cleaner longer:

  1. Thoroughly clean the walls of a fiberglass shower surround.
  2. Apply a coat of car wax to the walls to prevent soap scum build up.
  3. Clean the glass shower door.
  4. Apply automotive windshield rain repellent to the glass so water and soap will run off.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I am trying to clean & sell our mobile home and move into a real house. The fiberglass garden tub has turned yellowish. Is there anything that will remove smoke stains like this from sinks, tubs & showers since scrubbing with all products has done more damage than good. Can you “renew” a fiberglass item with products you mention to clean? Everything I have tried scratches-or damages them and they remain yellowish. While I have quit smoking it doesn’t help me now to make them look better right now. Please help me- I have Multiple Sclerosis and can barely clean-much less replace them. I love this site, & have used the videos and helpful hints many times! Thank you for helping a disabled Veteran with a major problem!! I want to move into a real home for once in my life. God Bless !

  2. Danny please remove and correct your advice to put cart wax on a shower surround or fiberglass tub. Auto wax is toxic. From the Turtle wax MSDS

    • Repeated or excessive inhalation of vapor, mist, or spray of concentrated product can cause irritation, chemical pneumonia, dizziness, and nausea. No chronic effects known.
    • Respiratory – as required to prevent inhalation of concentrated product if misted. Remove to fresh air. Use artificial respiration and oxygen if needed.
    • Repeated or excessive contact with concentrated product can cause blisters or rash due to defatting action. No chronic effects known.
    • Wear oil resistant gloves, boots, clothing, and/or head covering as needed to prevent exposure to concentrated product.
    • Remove contaminated clothing. Wash effected area thoroughly with soap and water.
    • Causes irritation. No chronic effects known. Wear splash proof goggles.
    • Flush with water for 15 minutes. Get prompt medical attention.

    Does that seem like something you want your children to be bathing in?The stuff does get in the tub, worse yet, some people will put it in the tub. Then run a bath for the little ones and set them down is a nice soup of auto wax. Really, Really a stupid idea.

    If I seem particularly upset about this it is because I purchased a house where this had been done to the tub. I have autoimmune disease (like about 17% of the population) They had also waxed the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. This was making me very ill until I asked why are these things so streaky? It was a nightmare getting the stuff off.

    So here is a question. How do you remove car wax from an appliance or tub?


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