Tips for a Functional Laundry and a Better Bath


We’re helping homeowners Brad and Mary Smith optimize their home’s laundry and bathrooms in this episode.

The route to the family’s guest bathroom runs through the laundry room, which is awkward for visitors.
And the laundry room is low on storage space, so Mary has to take clothes to the den and fold them on the couch.

Laundry is a constant activity in this full house, so keeping the room clean is a constant struggle, and a necessity, because guests must pass through it to go to the bathroom.

We’re relocating the bathroom door, adding some storage and workspace to the laundry room, and updating the look of bothrooms with flooring, paint and molding.

Some of the projects we cover in this episode include:
• Remove Existing Door
• Relocate Bathroom Entrance
• Replace the Vanity
• Install Beadboard on Back Wall
• Add Storage Space

We also:
• Painted the Walls: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (color-matched at The Home Depot with Behr)
• Installed New Flooring

Check out the “Tips for Functional Laundry and a Better Bath” episode article for more information and links to the products we used on this project!

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