The Rinnai RH180 Hybrid Tank-Tankless water heater combines on-demand water heating technology with an efficient storage tank. It uses a standard 1/2″ gas line with water connections on top of the unit to make installation easy.

The Rinnai RH180 can supply 180 gallons of water in the first hour, over twice the amount of a typical tank water heater.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. Are you looking for a technology that’ll help separate you from your competitors? Well, here it is.

Rinnai has developed a brand new, Hybrid Tank-Tankless water-heating option that’s very easy and quick to install, which is perfect for those emergency replacements. But it’s also good for those customers that want to significantly increase their hot water that’s available at their home without having to reconfigure a lot of piping.

Hey, today with me is Scott Humphrey, who is a project engineer at Rinnai, to make us a little more familiar with this particular hybrid unit.

Danny Lipford: Now, Scott, I understand very easy to install, so a perfect replacement for a gas water heater.

Scott Humphrey: Absolutely, Danny. This Rinnai RH180 unit is designed to use 4” B-vent, 1/2” gas line, and the water connections are on top, just like a standard tank water heater.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, now talking about the venting. You don’t have to do any kind of upgrade on the venting itself for this type of system?

Scott Humphrey: It takes standard vent components—4″ B-vent—and they’re available at your local supply chain.

Danny Lipford: OK, perfect. And what about the gas line, you can still use a conventional 1/2″ gas line.

Scott Humphrey: Correct, 1/2″ gas line. Of course you do need to check with your local utility to be sure that you do have adequate supply and volume of gas for that.

Danny Lipford: Water connections, no big changes there?

Scott Humphrey: Water connections are on top of the unit, just like a standard tank water heater.

Danny Lipford: That’s perfect, that does make it easy. Now what about any other connections, do you have to supply electricity to a unit like this?

Scott Humphrey: It does require a 120-volt standard three-prong plug.

Danny Lipford: What about air availability for combustion?

Scott Humphrey: This unit is 91,300 BTUs, so it’s important to carry enough combustion air availability.

Danny Lipford: Fantastic, I’ll tell you, great product. I’m sure you’re pretty proud of it, Scott.

Scott Humphrey: Thanks, Danny, I appreciate it.

Danny Lipford: Of course this hybrid features the same reliable engineering that Rinnai is so well known for. So it will offer you years and years of comfort and convenience in your home. Any you can find out a lot more about this unit and others at

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