SharkBite Push-Fit Plumbing Fittings

SharkBite has developed a line of brass, push-fit plumbing fittings that are ideal for a quick fix that can join copper, CPVC, and PEX pipe without the need for gluing, clamping, or soldering. Simply slip the pipe into the fitting, and you’re done.

A special tool is available to remove the fitting for disassembly. SharkBite tees, elbows, couplings, and adaptors for 1/2″ and 3/4” pipe are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. a staff member from Home Depot recommended the shark bite shut off valve for my son-in-law to use. he had been unable to sodder because of water remaining in pipes that would not drain–sodder was not holding—thank goodness for the info—he attached the shark bite valve in minutes.even though it costs a bit more then using copper pipe and sodder—turned out to be a real time saver and relieved a lot of tension and stress.

  2. Have had a shark bite installed for about 7 months.
    The other day I noticed it was leaking from both lines
    It is on a main line by the washer. Can the shaking of the washer case it to come loose.


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