Protect Your Whole House’s Water with This System

Most of us are concerned about the taste and quality of the water we drink. That’s why we buy bottled water or have filtered pitchers or refrigerators.

But wouldn’t it be great to filter all the water in your house? Now you can, and it’s a DIY-friendly process.

The GE Smart Whole House Filtration System installs at the first point of entry with simple push-to-connect fittings, so anyone can do it.

You can change the filters without using tools, and you can control the system remotely through an app on your smartphone. The app lets you track water usage, detect leaks, get filter replacement reminders and even shut off the water remotely.

Depending on the filter you select, you can choose from three levels of filtration to remove sand, sediment, rust, chlorine taste and odor, and lead.

So, this one device protects your plumbing, appliances, your house and, most importantly, your family.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

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