NuTone QuicKit Bath Fan Upgrade Kit


Often people don’t use their bathroom ventilation fans because they are incredibly noisy or they simply don’t work.

Not everyone is comfortable working with electricity, so they live with fogged mirrors and steam rather than calling an electrician.

But, the NuTone QuicKit Bath Fan Upgrade Kit removes that obstacle, because installation is as easy as removing the old motor plate assembly and snapping in the new one.

No attic access or wiring is required.

The new fan has up to 45% more power and up to 35% less sound than those typically installed in older bathrooms.

Plus, the newly styled, white grille is included for a fresh, clean look.

It is available at The Home Depot.


  1. I want to know can I upgrade my Nutone fan/light. It is 80cfms
    11/13 and now it is makeing noise. I vaccum it every two weeks, the company that in stalled it said it should last a little while longer . The person clean it and it worked fine. Two weeks later it is making the sound again.


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