For the plumbing fixtures in the kitchen of the Kuppersmith Project house, we installed a stainless steel Lancelot sink and Lindley faucet from Moen. The faucet features both eco-performance and standard water flow settings and comes with a separate soap dispenser.

Moen faucets were also installed in the sinks, tubs, and showers in the bathrooms throughout the house.

A pneumatic air switch, which is safer around water than an electrical switch, was installed in the countertop to operate the garbage disposal.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: From the shingles to the flooring, between doors and windows, from electrical to plumbing, and inside or out; what you put into making your house a home takes a lot of time and patience, to make sure you choose something that will stand up for years to come. Here’s a great example from Moen.

Artie the plumber is the first subcontractor in the house to start setting our new faucets. For the kitchen, we’ve chosen one called the Lindley from Moen. You use a lot of these now, don’t you, as far as this finish, everybody seems to be going that route.

Artie McGowan: Yeah, it’s a really popular finish Danny.

Danny Lipford: So let’s see, the setup here, of course you’ve got the faucet, I’ve seen this a number of times at the trade shows and so forth. Now you’ve got one hole here, that’s for the soap dispenser; and then I understand we’ve got to get the granite guy back out to drill us another hole for the air switch.

Artie McGowan: Yeah, the pneumatic switch that goes there, and it’s a neat product.

Danny Lipford: Yeah that’s a lot better to control the garbage disposal than some kind of switch on the front of here, an electrical switch, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. So as far as the overall setup here, you’ve got your drains that are going in, you’ve got your garbage disposal going, I guess it’ll go in on that side won’t it?

Artie McGowan: Yes, sir. He’s going to put it in on the right side. And we’ve got a big ole sing here to put my big old pot for my crawfish in here.

Danny Lipford: Well now, after everything gets finished, and whoever buys this house, they’ll probably invite you over, you know for dinner, right? That doesn’t usually happen?

Artie McGowan: Well if they do Danny, I’m bringing the crawfish.

Danny Lipford: All right, there you go, you might get invited then. Now what else do you have to do, you’ve got things going on all over this house. You’ve got the toilets going in, you’ve got five different valves as far as lavatories going in.

Artie McGowan: Yes, they’re Moen also and they’re in the same finish and great looking faucets, too.

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