Draining your water heater regularly allows it to work more efficiently and last longer. To drain your water heater:

  • Turn off power or gas to hot water heater.
  • Close cold water supply valve to water heater.
  • Attach garden hose to drain spigot on water heater.
  • Run hose outside.
  • Open drain valve spigot on water heater.
  • Open pressure relief valve on water heater.
  • Allow water heater to drain.
  • Close water heater drain spigot.
  • Close pressure relief valve.
  • Detach garden hose from spigot.
  • Open cold water supply valve to water heater.
  • Allow hot water heater to refill.
  • Relight gas pilot light and turn on water heater, or turn power back on to electric water heater.

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Draining a water heater regularly is the best way to extend its life and ensure efficiency. Begin by turning off the power or pilot light. Turn off the valve supplying water to the top of unit, and connect a garden hose to the drain spigot at the bottom. Once you open the drain, you’ll need to flip the pressure relief valve on the top or side of the heater to release the vacuum so the water will drain. Once the draining water has removed the sediment in the tank, you can close the drain, turn back on the water, and restore the power.

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