Bath Vent Fan Replacement Options

Installing a NuTone bathroom vent fan.
Installing a NuTone bathroom vent fan.

Watch this video to learn about the many options available when you replace your bathroom vent fan, including:

  • Integrated lights
  • Built-in heaters
  • Humidity sensing switches


Further Information

If your bathroom vent fan is old and unattractive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t effective but chances are pretty good that it is.

When you replace it, you may get more than just good ventilation though. Many newer models of bathroom vent fans include other options—like integrated lights, heaters, and even humidity sensing switches that turn them on when the need arises, not just when you remember.

Just be sure to follow the installation and wiring instructions and your bathroom will feel as good as it looks.

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  1. On a past TV show Danny showed a plug-in bathroom vent-like product. I have been unable to locate a store that sells it, nor have they ever heard of such a product.



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