Remove Tub Faucet Junk With Ease

Tub Faucet
Here is a simple way to remove encrusted with mineral deposits, salt and sediment from your tub faucet.
Over time the diverter valve on a bathtub faucet can become encrusted with mineral deposits, salt and sediment, making it difficult to operate and causing you to have to yank on it in order to direct the water up to the showerhead. To solve this problem, remove the tub faucet, lay it in a deep bowl or pot and cover it with white vinegar. Allow the faucet to soak overnight or until the diverter valve slides open and closed smoothly. Then rinse with clean water.


  1. I don’t know if it is on my computer but the video only shows one image and not the different steps. I really wanted to know how to remove the tub faucet junk.

    • Hi, Bastien,
      Thanks for listening to this segment from The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.
      This is an audio segment, so you’re seeing the webpage’s lead image and an embedded audio clip.
      You can learn how to remove that dreaded ‘tub faucet junk’ in the text below the embedded player, or in the audio clip.
      Thanks for commenting!


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