Boggy Backyard & Picking the Perfect Shower | Ep. 3

You should never ignore mold and mildew inside a shower. When it does happen, act quickly to resolve what could become a dangerous situation. One homeowner plans to replace her old moldy shower for a modern, safer unit. Danny and Joe recommend a few stylish shower options sure to last. Plus, a listener tired of sloshing around his new backyard learns what he can do to redirect water away from his home. Also, many people are ditching their old textured ceilings. Do you plan to as well? Learn to update your ceiling giving it a new smoother surface.


  1. I live in Las Vegas, where tempetures are extrem, and where we don’t get much rain.
    But once a year for about a month, we do get extrem rain fall. There is an open pouch over our garage, and when the rain is heavy it leaks into the garage. We found NO MOLD or Mildew. Is there a product we could use along. with caulk that would stop the leak?


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