Shower door hinges that need to be adjusted
You always need to be careful when adjusting shower door hinges — have someone help you! (AdobeStock ©Александр Беспалый)

Adjusting shower door hinges is a process that needs to be done very carefully. Not only do you have to watch out for the risk of shattering the tempered glass door — you also need to be wary of its weight.

This is definitely a two-person job, so be sure to gather some help before taking on this task!

Have one person hold the door while the other loosens the screws on the shower door hinges. Once it is loose enough, slowly raise the door up and methodically tighten everything back in place. Make sure the hinge side is attached very well!

Usually, this is all that is necessary to adjust shower door hinges if it was installed correctly the first time.

Note: Don’t overtighten the screws, this could cause your shower door to shatter — then that becomes a separate problem! Also, don’t use a power drill, it’s too harsh for this kind of project.

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Simple Solutions

Stay-Clean Shower Doors — Glass shower doors are often covered with cloudy water spots and streaks. One way to prevent spotting is to thoroughly wipe the glass dry after each and every shower. But, that’s a real pain.

Here’s a better way to clean shower doors, and keep them clean: Buy a glass cleaner that contains a water repellent. This type of product is usually used for cleaning car windshields. 

Simply spray the cleaner on the glass and use a paper towel or micro-fiber cloth to wipe it off.

Now, not only is the glass clean, but it’ll prevent spotting and help the water run right off the glass. 

Watch: Easy Water Spot Remover for Your Shower Door

Double Stick Hardware — Use double-sided carpet tape to hold hardware in place while you drill pilot holes or drive screws.

Especially good for small pieces of hardware that are difficult to hold, such as L-shaped brackets, mending plates, and tiny hinges.

Question of the Week

Q: Is putting a steeper roof over the current roof of my home necessary if the pitch is not high enough for snow to slide off?

A: The minimum roof pitch for snow is typically between 6 and 12 inches. For a metal roof, it can be as low as 3 and 12 inches. It doesn’t seem necessary to add another roof on top of your current one just to make it steeper. Just make sure you’re above 3 and 12 inches for snow to slide off and we recommend using a metal guard to hold snow in place!

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