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House with Phantom retractable screens.

On a recent Weather Channel segment, Danny demonstrated retractable screens that piqued viewer’s interest. Questions for more information have been pouring in. The screens used in the segment are product of Phantom Screens. We contacted Phantom Screens for more information on their products, and they had the following to say:

“Phantom Screens produces retractable screening solutions for doors, windows, and oversized openings such as patios, verandas, and garages. Phantom Screens, Serene Screens, and Executive Screens by Phantom fit virtually anywhere that a screening solution is needed. Unlike conventional insect screens, Phantom’s retractable screens don’t obstruct home owners’ views; they pull into place when needed and retract out-of-sight when not in use. With a wide selection of mesh types and colors, Phantom’s screens provide full ventilation, shading from the sun, protection from insects and UV rays, and enhanced privacy.

Phantom’s quality, innovation, and service have earned it high marks with its customers. Since its foundation 15 years ago, the Phantom brand has been synonymous with quality, innovative product development, and superior customer service. According to independent market research, 97% of Phantom customers rate their overall Phantom experience from good to outstanding. Phantom customers tend to be so happy with their choice that referrals continue to be Phantom’s number one source of business growth.

The company has built a network of Authorized Distributors throughout North America, and is rapidly expanding in the UK, Australia, Mexico, and other international locations. You can find an Authorized Distributor of Phantom Screens by calling 1-888-PHANTOM (742-6866) or going on Phantom Screens` website at

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  1. I have an older home in NC with a beautiful screened porch that we can use almost year round. While one day can be chilly, the next can be quite balmy, thus I enjoy leaving my cushions out even in inclement weather. I wish that phantom screens (or someone else) could use a clear plastic or other protective fabric to help minimize the clean up. Actually. the best time of year, temperature wise, to enjoy the porch is in the spring, but it is used the least at that time of year since all of our beautiful oak trees deposit so much pollen in as little as three hours after cleaning to render enjoyment impossible.

  2. We got our lanai screens from Skeet’r Beat’r of Lee County. They are a distributor of Screen America, and specialize in screening for garages and lanai’s. Our screens have added a lot to our lanai’s and enable us to get more use than ever out of them. We love to be outside at dusk but the bugs can be so bad, and this has been a great solution for us!

  3. Does anyone KNOW of anybody that does privacy screening in Cirus county Florida ,that would have screening that would have a picture ,or landscape on it that can be use for privacy on our lanai screening . That being replaced of course . We can not find on the web anybody that sells that type of screen. Bob HELP PLEASE

  4. I had an Andersen French Door with retractable screen installed in July. The screen was defective. Windowrama replaced that screen with another defective Andersen retractable screen. Andersen replaced that with a third defective retractible screen. Andersen is obviously, in my opinion, putting
    out defective materials. They were annoyed I expected the third screen to be replaced with a quality screen. At this point they will only refund the cost of the screen. This leaves me buying a new screen and then paying, once again, to have it installed. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do?

  5. I have a Phantom retractable screen. Not the latest and greatest that retracts itself, but the older kind. I got it about 5 years ago, and it worked great for about 4 months. Then it started to hang up when retracting. I have to pull it out, try to help it back in, over and over ub til I finally get it retracted. This is really a PITA! I was told this was just something they do, and nothing could be done about it. I love the idea of the retractable screen, but am very unhappy with this one.
    Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this problem? My husband thinks there should have been some kind of guide on the bottom of the screen that kept it in line with the channel. If this is true, where is my guide?
    I could really use some help with how to fix this problem, without costing me an arm and a leg.

  6. I have had my Phantom Screens now for 4 years. I live in Bermuda where I have my french doors open most of the year. The problem I am having is they are tearing at the bottom only. Are the screens replacable? Can we do it ourselves?

  7. You can buy replacement screens for them. They they don’t come assembled when first installed. It’s a DIY job and shouldn’t be too difficult.
    Re Bermuda – did you get your screens locally or brought them in as we are looking to buy some for a place in the UK as screens are pretty non existent over here.

  8. I just had Phantom screens installed on my new double door entrance doors. The sill that comes with the track for the sliding screens has an angle on it. It was installed with the angle facing in toward my living room. When it rains my thoughts are that the rain is going to eventually work it’s way into my living room since the water has no where else to go. The company says this is the correct way to install the unit. Does this make sense to anybody?

  9. After being wowed by the novelty of a retractable screen, we invested in a retractable screen product manufactured by a company called clear view which the dealer claimed to be the best product on the market. What I got was a 400 dollar screen with a bottom track mounted on a sill that sits about 1 inch above my existing sill creating a trip hazzard. At the slightest breeze, the screen blows out of the tracks and subsequently fails to keep bugs out. The way it was installed also narrowed my doorway by about 4 inches, so when we had the need to move in some new appliances, we had to remove the screen ourselves since the contractor offered to remove then reinstall the unit at an arm and a leg’s price, so we did it ourselves. Our neighbor who had recomended the product recently complained too that he had an unwanted visitor in his patio in the form of a snake. The retractable screen he had installed is in the entrance of his florida room.

  10. We had a Clear View invisible screen put on our home, it blends perfectly with our decor and has a slow closing device that prevents the door from slamming open. This was very important for us as we have small children. I was extremely happy with the installation and the quality of the product. I would recommend it.

  11. I used to install Phantom screens and as with all retractable screens, they will not keep out animals or pets. The biggest problem with the screens blowing out of the tracks is a condition called sailing. It’s caused by having the screen door open on one end of the house and opening all the other windows or sliding door on the other side of the house. The air being pulled through the opening is creating a vacuum causing the screen to “sail”. Just close some windows or adjust the opening of the windows to allow the air to pass through the house without causing the screen to “sail”. You also have to do periodic maintenance on the doors. Make sure the track is swept clean of debris and spray the tracks every 3 or 4 months with a grease less silicone spray. Home Depot will carry the spray. Just check it in the store by spraying a little on your finger, rub it around, if it drys quickly but still feels slick, then its grease less. If it doesn’t dry quick it is greasy. They do make greasy silicone spray, check before you buy. I hope this helps some of you to enjoy your retractable screens more.

  12. We are a dealer for Phantom Screens. The problems some customers are having with their retractable screens is due to lack of maintenance on their part. The tracks (top and bottom) need to be lubricated once a month and cleaned. The spray needs to be a silicone spray that does not contain any petroleum. There is one called CRC that is perfect for that purpose. The screen can become frayed at top or bottom track due to lack of cleaning or improper lubricating. Also, people need to remember that these products carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact your nearest distributor to repair whatever is wrong with the screen. Phantom Screens are a high quality product but they do need the proper care and maintenance.

  13. I live in Pomona-Walnut area of socal and need three French door retractable screens, Phantom? or better? The price quoted by the one company for screens installed seems to be high – around $700. Does any one know a reasonable and good intaller? I want to get it done now ! Door sizes two(2) 60×90 and one(1) 72×90 inches.


  14. I have a Phantom screen door that has been working well for about 5 years. Last year it started to hang up and I investigated the problem with a magnifying glass to see what the issue was. There was not really a smoking gun. So I cleaned the track and that didn’t help. Then I went to the garage and got the car wax. I smeared it liberally on the door tracks and let it dry, then put a little elbow grease into making them nice and shiny and ,viola! Problem solved.
    Please post to let me know if this tip helps you, it worked for me. DO NOT USE WD-40 or any other sprays on the track, they will collect dust and be your enemy!

    Mr. Fixit

  15. We have an Andersen retractable screen and are on our second one – it is as bad as the first. I would NOT recommend this screen. My sister has two functioning Phantom screens – they are far older than our Andersen screens and still working. I can tell you she doesn’t keep the tracks free of dog hair etc either.
    THe Andersen door is worth it – but the screen? Go elsewhere.

  16. Mr. Fixit, et al:

    The best thing for lubricating the tracks on a Phantom retractable screen door is dry silicone spray. It’s available at all home improvement stores or you can call 888-PHANTOM and it will reach your closest Phantom distributor and they can provide the silicone for you.

    And Mr. Fixit was CORRECT. Never use WD 40 or any other oily lubricant for your tracks. Silicone spray works best!



  17. I am considering the do it yourself retractable screens, having had the Phantom screens installed almost 6 yrs ago on one french door and two single doors. I think we can do these ourselves and know exactly what they should look like and perform like. I completely love the ones I have. Absolutely no problems. People and kids(me in the beginning) do walk in to them not knowing they are there but they just snap open and startle them. We laugh; not a big deal. When they get hard to slide smoothly along the track, once a year or so, I use the leather cleaner spray for my car which is silicone-based. Works perfect. They are SO much better than fussing with a screen, hearing it slam with guests and children etc. I can’t wait to add others now to my new garage makeover project with two french doors.

  18. I have installed phantom screens for over 4 years, started in Southern California where we installed tons changed states but still install the screens, for anyone having problems with their screens just call the 888 phantom number and have them serviced/adjusted. The screens are quality, but can need adjusting of the tracks if the door shifts even a little bit, this is not common but does happen, there are two many little adjustments to go over to tell you how to do it. A full service on a screen without replacing the mesh isn’t very expensive, here in utah it’s only like 45 bucks and even with a new mesh it is around 70, that pretty much can turn a completely old not working phantom into a good as new screen. If you go for the DIY install phantoms they are not as good not only as a product but a good/experienced installer can make the difference in a 6 years no problem screen and a 5 months and doesn’t work one.

  19. Loved the idea of a retractable screen for our new Anderson sliding patio doors. Installed May 2009. It was replaced because the Anderson rep could not get it to work well enough to satisfy him in August. Worked very well the rest of the season. When we began using it again this spring the new screen exhibited the same binding/uneven closing the first one did. Currently working with Anderson to decide whether or not to just go to a traditional sliding screen. My best guess is these retractable screens will be a headache. No heavy use, pets, kids or abuse. My wife and I are probably the only ones that can use it without it binding(sometimes). We will probably swap it out for the slider before we lose the warranty and are just stuck with it.

  20. I would like to find an installer for a ClearView french door screen in the Salt Lake City area. Prefer someone who is certified by the manufacturer and will guarantee their work.

  21. We have 2 Phantom door screens installed (2009)on our home front and rear entrances.
    The front entrance is sheltered however the rear door entrance is not. No issues front entrance due to lack of exposure to wet weather.
    We have found that the Phantom screen bottom sill installed by the authorized dealer is inadequately designed for proper rain water drainage.
    The sill can fill backing up on the door sill block.
    A check of the Phantom screen website for specs on sills does not address this issue.
    Experience has taught us to beware of Phantom screen bottom sill drain problems…as noted by another comment Ken Chinery in 2008.
    The Phantom screen company should address this issue given homeowners can have their entrances exposed to not just average but also above average rainfall.
    We received a nasty surprise with the Phantom product backing up water in our door sill crreating water penetration issues.
    Buyers beware!

  22. Hello Peter –
    I am sorry to hear you have had issues with your Phantom door screen. The best way to fix this is to cut drainage slots through threshold sill adapter to allow water to drain through. The sill adapter is used to mount bottom track. Please contact Phantom Screens authorized distributor in your area to rectify this issue. You can reach the distributor by dialing 1-888-PHANTOM (742-6866) or go to the Phantom Distributor page on our website, and enter your zip code to see a list of our distributors in your area. If you have any additional questions or need to talk to our Customer Service department, please call our corporate office at 1-888-444-4142 or send us an e-mail at
    All the best,
    Kristina Kinakin, Phantom Screens Marketing Communications Dep.

  23. we installed phantom screens on 3 sets of french doors and our front door in 1999. Just replaced the front door and miss my screen so much I am going to buy a new one. We live in SLC Utah area. I am not very good about lubricating the tracks, but I use half of my french door screens all the time and still work. I guess I got lucky on the installer, because no problems. Glad to hear I can have the french door ones refurbished and re-screened. I will do that when I buy my new front door one. LOVE Phantom. Wish I could remember the name of the company I bought them from

  24. These retractable screens seem like they’d be ideal for our french doors but I’m having a hard time picturing how the latch for double screens for french doors would work. The ones I’ve seen in the stores seem to spring open quickly when they are pulled away from the magnet or clip. If the two screens clip to one another in the middle, do they both spring open as soon as they are unclipped from one another. Then, in terms of closing them, do you have to pull both of them in from the retracted position at the same time?

  25. We had a phantom window installed 3 years ago. The installer GAVE US a can of spray silicone and told us to clean the upper and lower tracks once per month and give it a quick shot of the silicone. We have not had any problems with it at all. Now I understand that through wear and water it may need more or less service; but if it starts to stick, its time for a quick service (takes me less than 3 minutes to do)

    As well, our installation allows the screen lower track is below the threshold so it will drain out to the deck by itself .

    As well ours are double screens on our garden doors and they attach in the middle with a dual magnet connect. The left screen has slide pegs that clip into the top and bottom of the door frame. so normally we would only slide the right one to pass through.

    From my experience so far; I love this product. It has completely changed the atmosphere of my house allowing massive airflow. While holding back the skeeters.

    Highly recommended!

  26. recently installed phantom screen will not retract, any suggestions? It acts like the rewind spring has no tension!

  27. I install screen doors and window screens, definitely listen to these comments, how it takes a professional installer and a quality namebrand retractable screen in order to have many years of use. The nameless hardware store brand retractable screens do not work, don’t waste your time. I have replaced cheap retractable screen doors with a regular swinging screen doors for customers, and they were very happy. But sometimes only a retractable screen will work because of the door jam etc.unfortunately no retractable screen will keep any animals in or out, in fact I would say no swinging screen door at all is designed to keep pets in or out either, in the long run. get a grill or install pet screening,

  28. I have Phantom screens. They are on the back patio with 5 separate openings. on opening #3, when we press the remote, nothing happens. I have checked the receptacle and the breaker and both are fine. Is there a reset button on the motor? Any suggestions? thankyou.

  29. Hello everybody,
    I just purchased a “phantom screen” from a local distributor. What I noticed.
    1. Installer was extremely pleasant and showed me how it would look and show me exactly how unique every opening is.
    2. They are expensive but you pay for what you get.
    3. They have a lifetime warranty.
    I did my home work and am very proud owner I would recommend the phantom brand to everyone. Don’t get the crappy DIY doors as they fall apart(literally, trust me).

  30. Greta fagan- 2 screws top and 2 screws bottom will remove the housing of a Phantom Screen. All screws are square screws #1 and #2.
    Mark- put the slide bar on the round edge of the bottom track and push down hard, it should make a loud pop. Then line up the top of the slide bar with the top track, you will have to do this at an angle, then straighten out the bar. You might have to push up a little. Then spray rounded edges of track with silicon and done.

  31. How do you prevent guest and kids from accidentally walking throught the phantom screen? They forget that it is there
    including me, if I’m in a hurry!

  32. We installed Phantom retractable screens on our new porch. We love the Executive screens but the door does not work. With the slightest breeze the screen comes out of the top and bottom track. Now the top latches but the bottom does not. Screen does not appear to be uneven, track is clean. The door has only been installed 2 months and has had little use. Any ideas of how to fix it would be appreciated.

  33. I would like to move a Phantom screen that is about 5 years old from my existing home to my beach house. I am a little bit of a handyman and would like to do so myself. It seems simple except the beach house door is shorter so I will need to cut off the existing screen. Can anyone give me a tip on cutting off the door to match my beach house door? Thanks

  34. Please tell me how to get my Phantom Screen back on the track. I can get it in either the top or bottom track, but not both. And now I can’t even lift it out to try again.

  35. We just installed a Phantom Screen on our front door. The top leading edge of the screen has come out of the white bar that holds the screen in place. How do we fix this? It looks like there is some kind of a black strip inside holding the screen in.

  36. A dog went through our Phantom screen, can it be fixed? We had to take it completely off so as not to damage it more.
    Thank you

  37. I have a phantom screen door for about 10 years now. It now binds in the track. I suspect that the nylon runners on the top and bottom of door are worn as the tracks have the powder coating worn of in spots.
    I called Phantom doors in Surrey BC to enquire about purchasing a a new upper and lower slide. I was told by salesman that they could not sell the parts that they would have to be installed by their service rep or they lifetime warranty would be void. The service call was going to be $75.00. You don’t have to be a rocket Scientist to replace these parts and I found that a ransom fee for the parts and 30 minutes of labour outrageous.
    Needless to say I will not be purchasing any phantom products for e my doors or windows.

  38. Our 1 year old Phanton Legacy is stuck in the CLOSED position. The handle release is jammed. HELP!!! This is a main entry door.

  39. Do I really need to spend thousands of dollars for motorized retractable screens for my 9’x9′ double garage doors or will manual retractable be more practical for the money. They will get very little seasonal use and two hours from closest service dealer should anything go wrong. Are there more problems with motorized or manual retractable garage screen? They are only needed for air flow and to keep bugs out and of course, the enjoyment of the surrounding woods. I am having a hard time finding anyone that will even talk about manual much less sale or install them.

    • Hi, Karen,
      Motorized, retractable screens boost a home’s luxury and offer much more convenience compared to their manual counterparts. Regular maintenance is necessary for anything motorized, so the decision boils down to personal preference and household budget.
      Good luck!


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