The Best Plug-In Bug Trapper for Your Home

Most people expect the flying insects we normally see outside, but what about inside? When bugs infiltrate your home, that’s when you need a reliable bug killer.

Flies, fruit flies, moths and mosquitos can all be incredible nuisances inside your home, so the folks at Zevo developed a Flying Insect Trap starter kit to stop the pests.

The bug zapper continuously eliminates flying insects without spraying any chemical insecticides. You just plug it into any wall socket to activate the light and heat attractant system.

Flying insects are drawn to it and are trapped in a super-sticky cartridge that you throw away.

This bug trapper is non-toxic and it works for up to 45 days and nights. When the trap is full or the time expires, you simply replace the cartridge to keep pests at bay.

Listen to learn more about this Best New Product.

Find the Zevo Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit at The Home Depot!



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