Organic Pest Control

Organic Landscaper Rachel DeToro offers these tips for natural pest management.

  • Nesting boxes and food sources will keep birds nearby and they in turn will keep insects under control.
  • Toads also perform the same function. You can give them a home by leaving partial clay pots at ground level.
  • Tree frogs will rest in the top of a vertically oriented piece of bamboo and feed on damaging insects.
  • Use pieces of cut potato (regular or sweet) placed in the garden to attract insects. This will provide a snapshot of exactly what bugs you have and how prevalent they are, so you can treat accordingly.


  1. I live in Colorado and the Miller moths r just leaveing and the grass hoppers are starting to show up again this year. So what can I do to keep the grass Hoopers out of my yard. I need to find something to spray on the yard or some kind of repellent because thay get bad and unbearable and we spend alot of time in the yard so if you can help please let me know thank you.


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