Grapefruit Slug Control

You don’t usually see them during the day because they feed at night, but the holes in your plant leaves (such as hostas) are most likely from slugs. Although chemical methods of eliminating slugs may prove effective here’s a natural method that even the kids can help with. Create a trap with grapefruit halves.

  • Take emptied out grapefruit halves and place them upside down in your garden to create a moist, dark place for the slugs to gather.
  • Turn them over the next morning and give the birds a treat.
  • Some other methods that can be used to keep slugs away include spreading crushed eggshells around the area or using mulches such as pine straw that have a sharp texture.


  1. Try Slug Shields. I think that they are the only natural slug deterrent that works AND is maintenance free for the season. Good luck!

  2. i have been bothered by slugs near the front steps. they crawl up onto the steps at night and up on the outside glass of front door. They leave this silvery discharge on the steps. i used salt last week and they were gone the next night. i poured the salt on steps and the slugs…they left.

  3. Because I have had such terrible time during the 1st year as a gardener, I decided to do some preventative trials and see what helps best.

    1) Watering your plants at sunrise instead of prior to darkness. This gives your plants the adequate water for your plants during the day and it is dry by nightfall. I have had great success because theses slugs were not in my garden nor on the side of the house!

    2) Today I placed 4 grapefruit halves (shell only not the fruit- scraping as much as possible) and within 6 hours or by midnight, the slugs were underneath the grapefruit halves feasting on them instead of my plants!! This is a sigh of relief and the 2nd successful test. Additionally, The Slugs like darkness, so they will find their way underneath the grapefruit dark shell. As well,other small bugs were feasting on the slug.

    3) Diamataceous Earth (- has been wonderful for slugs, bugs, ants because it causes the shell to Sluff off.

    4) My last trial is with coffee grounds. I put this around my watermellon plants . First my amazement is that it caused my plants to grow about 3-4 inches in the f 1st 7-days so yes, I was quite shocked. Besides helping with slugs, it serves as a great fertilizer. I am finding that slugs did not visit the plants that I placed the fertilizer.

    I hope these tips helps ease your frustration. I know that I have been relieved from this pest.



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