How to Keep Mosquitoes Away — Naturally

Celery juice

To keep mosquitoes away naturally, put celery in a juicer and rub or spray the liquid on your skin.

Another natural option that works even better are products made from lemon eucalyptus oil such as Repel plant based insect repellent.

Further Information


There was a time when hanging garlic cloves around your neck was no big deal. Everyone knew you were taking smart precautions against vampires. Today, we know how silly that is, but people are still using garlic against other bloodsuckers. Of course, I’m talking about mosquitoes. The common belief is that if you ingest enough garlic-rich foods, you will repel the little insect. The problem is that you’ll be repelling a whole lot more, so here are a couple of other green mosquito repellents that will do the trick. Use a juicer to create a celery extract. You can put the celery juice in a spray bottle or just wet a small cloth and rub the liquid on your skin. It won’t last a long time, but it does the trick for short stays outside. An even better solution is to use lemon eucalyptus oil. It’s the most effective solution without using a toxic chemical, like DEET.


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