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May 10, 2023

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    Senske Services is a major name in the pest control and lawn care industries. The company provides everything from specialty tree care to the day-to-day lawn services that you need to keep your grass looking great. But with so many lawn and tree services operating around the country, how can you know if Senske is right for your lawn and pest control needs?

    We’ve created a complete Senske Services review to help you learn more about your options. Read on to learn more about the company’s:

    • Plans and services
    • Pricing factors
    • Availability and locations
    • Customer reviews

    We’ll also make it easy to get a quick quote from Senske Services to begin your search for the right lawn and pest care. 

    Pros and Cons of Senske Services


    • All technicians trained, background-checked, and drug-tested before being put on any job
    • Has been operating in the northeastern United States for more than 74 years
    • Unique add-on services (like pest bird control and holiday lighting setup) available 


    • Only available in four states

    Senske Services’ Plans

    Senske Lawn provides three major packages that you can use to keep your lawn and trees looking great throughout the year. Let’s look at each of Senske Services’ plans alongside its add-on services you can use to further enhance your property.  

    Lawn Care Program

    Senske’s lawn health care service plan provides you with services customized to the local soil of your state and the changing seasons. Senske’s lawn care plan begins with soil aeration throughout the year to help your grass absorb as many nutrients as possible. Season-specific treatments on this plan include the following.

    • Early spring service: Early spring service includes a fertilization treatment to help your grass grow thick and green.
    • Spring service: Your spring service includes another lawn fertilization treatment and pre-emergent weed control to stop crabgrass before it pops up.
    • Early summer service: Includes a slow-release fertilizer treatment, which helps your grass grow through summer heat stress. Senske Services can also provide weed control and pest management if you need.
    • Summer service: Your summer service includes a restorative fertilization treatment and a weed control service that targets blooming weeds.
    • Fall service: During the fall season, Senske Services will provide broadleaf weed control that kills growing weeds and prevents new ones from popping up.
    • Late fall service: As your lawn prepares for the dormancy of winter, Senske Services will provide you with a sulfur treatment to keep your lawn’s pH level balanced during the cooler seasons.

    The Lawn Care Program is Senske Services’ most popular program choice among its customers. 

    Pest Control Program

    Senske pest control services are available year-round and can target specific critters that cause trouble in your state. Senske’s management team guarantees that all of the services you schedule through its pest control program are applied with trained technicians. Senske maintains its reputation within the pest control industry by ensuring that all of its technicians pass a background check and drug test before arriving at any home to work.

    Some additional features of Senske’s pest control plan include the following.

    • Full-service pest control: Senske Services’ sales representatives pride themselves on providing fully customized pest control services. Though all of Senske’s services target ten of the most common pest problems in each major service area, their team can inspect your lawn to target specific pests living on your property.
    • Indoor pest control services: In addition to operating as a landscape company, Senske also offers indoor pest control services upon your request.
    • Unlimited onsite service calls: Once you’re under Senske’s care services, you won’t need to worry about pests returning to your home. Your Senske Guarantee means that their team members will return as often as needed to ensure that pests don’t return to your home.

    Thanks to the company’s specialization in the northwestern region of the United States, Senske’s team can customize pest control programs to fit the local climate. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of pest control services that also maintain the health of your lawn. 

    Tree Care Program

    Senske’s tree care program allows you to customize your treatment packages depending on the needs of your home. Some of the treatment options you can add to your tree care plan package through Senske include the following.

    • Dormancy treatment: When your trees are dormant during the winter months, they may need additional treatments to keep their health in top shape. Senske Services’ winter dormancy treatment safeguards your trees before the weather begins to warm up again.
    • Spring inspection: Senske’s spring inspection service sets your trees up for a healthy season by identifying and treating problems like powder mildew and adelgids that may have developed during the winter.
    • Summer service: Your summer tree service includes a tree pest inspection and treatments for scale insects, tree borers, and aphids if necessary.
    • Late summer service: The late summer service targets pests that begin to emerge in the fall, including spider mites.
    • Fall service: During the late fall season, Senske’s team will perform another pest control analysis to fend off any remaining mites or shrub diseases.
    • Spring and fall injections: Senske offers nutrient injections for the roots of trees and shrubs during both the spring and fall seasons. These injections help stimulate root growth and recover from drought and sub-freezing temperatures depending on the season they’re applied in.
    • Soil injections: Soil injections around the base of your trees help make the ground less hospitable for annoying pests. Senske offers soil injections throughout the year, depending on the pests living in your area.  

    A La Carte Services

    Not ready to commit to a full lawn, tree, or pest care plan? No problem — Senske Services also offers the following a la carte services that you can schedule without booking an entire season’s worth of services.

    • Event and holiday lighting decor
    • Lawn aeration
    • Bare ground weed control
    • Lawn disease control
    • Lawn fertilization services
    • Lawn weed control
    • Overseeding
    • Noxious weed control
    • Exterior mosquito control
    • Pest bird control
    • Plant trimming and shrub pruning
    • Shrub bed weed control
    • Sprinkler repair and start up
    • Tree and stump removal
    • Sprinkler winterization
    • Tree dormant oil application
    • Tree insect and disease control
    • Tree pruning and trimming

    Senske Services Availability and Locations

    Senske Services is a local lawn care company, which means that they only serve customers in Colorado, Washington, Utah, and Idaho. If you live outside of these states, you’ll need to choose another lawn care service provider or pest control service.

    Senske Services has branch locations in the following cities:

    • Denver East
    • Denver West
    • Boise
    • Coeur d’Alene
    • Idaho Falls
    • Logan
    • Ogden
    • Provo
    • Salt Lake City
    • Clarkston
    • Kennewick
    • Seattle
    • Spokane
    • Tacoma
    • Yakima

    Senske Services Cost Breakdown

    As you shop for lawn care and pest control services, you’ll notice that pricing can be highly variable. Some of the factors that will increase the price of your booking from Senske Services include:

    • Having a larger home
    • Needing more frequent treatments
    • Needing more intense treatments
    • Having multiple infections or infestations on your property
    • Scheduling more services
    • Living further away from a Senske Service location

    Pricing for Senske’s packages are as follows.

    Appointment typePricing
    Lawn Care ProgramFrom $49.99 per appointment
    Pest Control ProgramFrom $89.99 per appointment
    Tree Care ProgramFrom $49.99 per appointment

    Be sure to get a personalized estimate to learn more about what you specifically can expect to pay for your service.

    Scheduling an Inspection with Senske Services

    You can request an estimate from Senske Services by calling (877) 944-4007 or by completing a contact request form on the company’s website here. When you request a pricing estimate from Senske Services, you’ll need to provide your sales representative with the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • Your email address
    • The address of your home
    • The Senske location that’s closest to you
    • Specification on the types of services you might be interested in
    • Specification on whether services are for a commercial or residential property

    After you request an estimate, you can request that a Senske Service professional visit your property to provide the most accurate pricing information. If you aren’t sure what type of services you might need, your consultation is great for getting an idea. You can book multiple appointments with your Senske Service professional in advance or call in for a la carte services as needed. 

    Senske Services Customer Reviews

    Before you consider working with any business, you’ll want to carefully consider customer reviews from multiple third-party websites. Users on third-party sites like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot can freely speak about their experience with each company without censorship from the company themselves. These reviews provide you with personal feedback that will give you a better idea of the type of service you might expect when working with each company.

    Reviews of Senske Services are largely neutral across the web. At the same time, customers who had a positive experience with the lawn care company lauded its representatives, who previous clients said were friendly and diligent. Negative reviews of the company largely relate to the company’s scheduling practices — while you’ll often need to pay a down payment to book your date, service may not be available for days. 

    … [Senske’s] service people are always very friendly and leave us a detailed invoice that states what type of treatment they performed and if they saw any problems that need addressing. — John P.

    I was scheduled today to have my lawn aerated and overseeded. After staying home all day to be available when they arrived to clarify details of the job, etc…they never came. I called just before 5:00pm to see if they were still coming and they said I was rescheduled for next month…without communicating anything to me. — Bill R.

    Senske Services vs. Other Pest Control Companies

    CompanyWebsiteOur TakeBBB RatingCostPhone Number
    Terminix Click hereBest OverallB+$550 to $700866-981-1210
    OrkinClick hereBest Emergency ServiceA+~$575877-544-4104
    HawxClick hereBest Localized Pest ControlA-$700 to $900855-908-0610
    TruGreenClick hereBest Lawn Pest ControlA+$140 to $840866-817-2172

    Final Thoughts

    Though Senske Services’ area of expertise is only a few states, the local business provides personalized services. Senske’s packages are comprehensive and customized to fit the unique pests in the northwestern United States. While not the right choice for anyone living outside of the service area, Senske can be a great option for anyone looking for set-it-and-forget-it lawn care treatments that last throughout the year. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Senske Pest Control Services

    How much is Senske Services?

    Senske Services’ packages begin at $49.99 to $89.99 per treatment. The specific price that you’ll pay will vary depending on your property’s size and the services you request. You may pay premium rates if you have a severe lawn or tree infestation.

    What type of pests does Senske Services exterminate?

    Senske Services provides pest elimination services for all bugs and animals present throughout its service areas. The company specializes in eliminating ants, pest birds, mosquitos, and rodents.

    Is Senske Services worth it?

    Senske Services can be worth it if you live on a larger property that you have trouble managing yourself in Senske’s service area. If you live on a smaller property or have time to care for your lawn and trees on your own, you may not need a lawn care service like Senske. Senske Services’ may also be worth it if you’re dealing with one of the area’s most common pests (like ants or rodents).

    Where is Senske Services available?

    Senske Services currently operates in Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Washington.

    Company Information

    • Company name: Senske Lawn and Tree Care
    • Company type: Tree, lawn, and pest control services
    • CEO: Bill Senske
    • Year founded: 1947
    • Headquarters: Kennewick, WA
    • State availability: Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Washington
    • BBB rating: B; not currently accredited with the BBB


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