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December 31, 2023

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    There is a cold and hard truth when it comes to using natural products to eradicate bed bugs: you will likely not get the results you want.

    Natural products might work to repel bed bugs from biting, but killing this high-resistance pest is very tough. If you’re checking out any product that claims to be an “all-natural bed bug killer”, you should research the product carefully. You don’t want to waste time when you’re trying to get rid of bed bugs.

    In this review, I will examine “Say Bye Bugs” bed bug-killing products. I’ll look at the ingredient list of the product to see if I think bed bug eradication is possible. I will also look at what reviewers are saying about the product and offer any alternatives that I feel can provide better results. 

    Let’s jump into this SayByeBugs review.

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    What Is Say Bye Bugs Spray?

    SayByeBugs is a bed bug product that uses sodium-based active ingredients to treat bed bug infestations. The product is advertised to destroy all life stages of bed bugs inside the home and the application process involves spraying all areas where bed bugs harbor. 

    A noticeable negative with the application process of this product is that all bed bug hiding areas must be sprayed multiple times a day after drying. A strong residual product is crucial when embarking on DIY bed bug eradication since the bugs can hide virtually anywhere in the bedroom or home. 

    Bed bugs simply do not venture out enough for direct spraying of the pests to have a positive effect. Bed bugs are razor-thin and will hide in and under the bed, as well as the furniture near the bed and even the baseboards and walls throughout the bedroom. A wide-ranging residual product is needed to address this behavior. 

    Does SayByeBugs Spray Work?

    2022 Update: we previously stated that SayByeBugs “provides no scientific testing or evidence that their product works to treat bed bug infestation”. The SayByeBugs company has since had a lawyer contact us to remove or “correct” the review and provided additional studies that we cannot find on their website.

    SayByeBugs has provided us with a study showing that it can kill bed bugs if sprayed directly onto a bed bug. This study is not presented anywhere publicly that we can find and hasn’t been peer-reviewed as far as we are aware but we accept this statement as true – SayByeBugs spray can kill bed bugs if directly sprayed onto the bed bug.

    However, SayByeBugs also provided a study testing 3 different blends of their spray that showed the following –

    Crossfire® insecticide killed 100% of bed bugs by 24 hours after 3 exposure to ceramic tiles which had previously been treated with the product (Figure 3), while all the other products showed almost no residual effectiveness on bed bugs.

    That is to say, after 24 hours of SayByeBug being sprayed onto a surface, the entomologist found it had “almost no” effect on killing bed bugs whereas a traditional pesticide was 100% effective.

    To quote the full conclusion of the entomologist –

    All of the SayByeBug Formulas have some insecticidal properties against bed bugs when used as a contact spray. Results with adult bed bugs showed efficacy (and sometimes quickly) of the products. In fact, SayByeBug Formula C killed 100% of bed bugs within 15 minutes, and this was almost as good as the standard insecticide Crossfire. One thing should be noted however: the claim “kills bed bugs on contact” is true and can easily be said for this product, however, many substances may also kill bed bugs on contact. As for residual effect, we found no evidence that any of the SayByeBug Products significantly kill bed bugs beyond the initial direct spray time frame. That is, after the products have dried, they show little or no effectiveness.

    We do not believe you can treat a bed bug infestation without a product that gives a strong residual killing effect, but you are free to make up your own mind on the matter.

    Is SayByeBugs Safe for Kids and Pets?

    Sodium compounds will likely not harm children or pets if ingested. It will certainly not be a pleasant taste, but there are no concerns to be wary of with a product like this. 

    Sodium and salt can raise blood pressure in humans and mammalian pets, yet the taste of the product will likely deter kids or pets from drinking or licking large quantities of it. 

    What Is Say Bye Bugs Laundry Detergent?

    Say Bye Bugs also sells a form of bed bug-killing laundry detergent. We believe it’s better to put items directly into the dryer on high heat, because heat kills bed bugs much more reliably than other methods.

    Bed bugs don’t drown, they float on top of the water so a washing machine isn’t the best tool to kill bed bugs in clothing and bedding.

    Does SayByeBugs Laundry Detergent Work?

    Hot water or your dryer on high heat should be sufficient to kill bed bugs. I have not seen a study showing additional products in your laundry are necessary. Given how much the product would be diluted by the water of the washing machine, I don’t believe it would be concentrated enough to kill insects but I’m open to studies showing otherwise.

    The Verdict

    I rate this product 2 out of a possible 10 points. A bed bug pesticide without a residual killing effect is not one I can recommend. Bed bugs are a major pest infestation, and the psychological trauma these bugs inflict can stick with a person. 

    Heat treatments and techniques like vacuuming are the tried and true natural remedies when getting rid of bed bugs. 

    Are Say Bye Bugs Reviews Misleading?

    Say Bye Bugs claims to have tons of 5-star reviews with a 5-star average…

    By clicking that “Certified Reviews” badge, we can find many 5-star reviews that are not reviews at all. They are complaints about not receiving the product –

    While there are many “verified reviews” claiming the products do work, it’s extremely suspicious.

    What Are Some Effective Alternatives for Bed Bug Treatment?

    DIY bed bug eradication is definitely possible, and there are numerous products and techniques to be aware of when battling bed bugs.

    A comforting thought to keep in mind when you discover bed bugs is that knowing they are there means that the eradication process can begin, and if done effectively, you are likely only weeks away from being bed bug-free. 

    Keep these crucial steps in mind:

    Step 1: Treat All Fabrics and Clothing

    Bed bugs like to cling to and hide within fabrics, and clinging to clothing is one way in which the bugs move from dwelling to dwelling. The first step to take is to wash and dry all clothing and fabrics (including all bedding and even drapes) on the highest heat setting to kill all life stages. 

    It would take forever to go through each and every piece of clothing and fabric, therefore, washing, drying, and storing all linens in sealed containers or contractor bags is a great assurance that any hiding bugs are killed and kept off fabrics. 

    Step 2: Treat the Bed

    If you recently discovered bed bugs, chances are that the bugs were in the bed. The bed is where humans spend hours each night unconscious when sleeping. Bed bugs prefer this time and this easy access a bed provides to feed. 

    The first step is to wrap the mattress and box spring in bed bug encasements. This will prevent the bugs in these structures from biting and if durable enough, can starve these bugs up to 16 months if they live this long. 

    The bed frame and headboard should be treated with Crossfire or Cimexa dust to kill any hiding bugs with residual pesticides.

    Next, place bed bug interceptors under the bed legs to prevent any bugs hiding in other parts of the room from reaching you at night. Be sure to push the headboard three feet from the wall as well. 

    Step 3: Treat All Cracks and Crevices

    Since there is no way to be certain bed bugs are not hiding deep within the walls and structures of a room, treating all cracks and crevices in the walls, ceilings, and bedroom furniture is also crucial. You don’t have to demolish your bedroom, just place a proven insecticide along the openings of cracks and crevices to be sure the bugs crawl through when searching for blood. 

    Be sure to administer insecticides liberally but not to the point of run-off. It is important for the residual to bind to the structure to coat the bugs but you don’t want the bugs to just avoid crawling through it. If you use Cimexa or any type of dust formulation, use a dust applicator to coat a light dusting along the openings of cracks and crevices. 

    Step 4: Prevention Is Key

    While you are allowing the residual products to kill a colony, be sure to kill any crawling bugs you see on the move, as well as using techniques like daily vacuuming and steam treatments. 

    Vacuuming is a great way to pick small nymphs, adults, and even eggs. Just be sure to immediately empty the content of the vacuum into a sealed bag and place it in outdoor trash cans. 

    Steamers are also a good tool to use for contact killing. Make sure the steamer you choose can reach temperatures of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all life stages of bed bugs. The McCulloch MC 1275 is a perfect steamer to use for bed bugs. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does SayByeBugs spray really work?

    SayByeBugs can kill bed bugs if sprayed directly onto them, but it does not work to kill bed bugs in a residual manner.

    Does SayByeBugs kill bed bug eggs?

    Say Bye Bugs does not provide information on whether this product kills bed bug eggs or not. It usually takes a strong chemical or high heat to kill bed bug eggs. There is no evidence provided to show or validate if this product kills bed bug eggs on contact.

    Is it safe to use SayByeBugs?

    Say Bye Bugs claims to use sodium compounds as the natural method for killing bed bugs. This shouldn’t pose direct dangers to children or pets if ingested. It shouldn’t harm your family or pets, but it also is unlikely to harm the bed bugs you’re trying to treat.

    What bugs does SayByeBugs kill?

    Say Bye Bugs will likely kill most bugs if sprayed directly onto them.

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