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May 10, 2023

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    Looking for a reliable Saela Pest Control review to learn more about this provider? Saela Pest Control uses kid- and pet-friendly pest control products, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your family will be safe from chemicals, but any pest inhabiting your home will not be. Saela is mostly located in the western United States, with some Midwestern states included in the company’s service area. With consistent customer service, lightning response times, and cutting-edge technology and equipment, this service provider is a solid pest control company. Between scheduled visits, Saela technicians will come to your home free of charge for any re-services you need.

    In our Saela Pest Control review, we will discuss:

    • The types of plans Saela offers
    • Saela Pest Control’s availability and locations
    • Pricing and cost breakdowns for the company’s services
    • Online customer sentiment and inspection processes

    We’ll also introduce you to a few additional pest control services we love to help you make the most informed decision for your family. 

    Pros and Cons of Saela Pest Control


    • Service technicians are highly trained and many have received certifications in their areas of expertise
    • Extensive team member entomological (insect knowledge) training
    • Free re-services between scheduled visits
    • Next day service


    • Some customers have said they wished there were more one-time services available rather than annual contracts
    • Limited service area with seemingly no termite control

    Saela Pest Control Services

    Saela’s plans are extensive, ranging from general pest control to targeted plans for specific nuisances you might find on your property, such as mosquitoes and bed bugs. Pests eliminated by Saela’s pest control services include wasps, bed bugs, silverfish, fire ants, crickets, scorpions, mud daubers, mice, voles, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, hornets, and more. Let’s look at Saela’s pest control industry plans and services.

    Pest and Rodent Protection Program

    The pest protection program is the general program that most customers of Saela sign up for. This plan ensures that insects and rodents of all kinds will leave your home alone because of the thorough job service specialists do to protect your property from pests. Your first visit will involve placing pesticides in transition areas between the outdoors and your home, such as tree lines, gardens, and landscaping features. Service specialists will also make sure the initial treatment includes pesticide application in the interior of your home as well as the exterior.

    After the initial treatment, exterior services will continue to be performed regularly. Interior services also remain available upon request. Pests covered by this subscription include ants, wasps, spiders, cockroaches, mice, and voles. If you have a mouse problem that is more intense than simply outdoor prevention or one-room eradication, you will need to upgrade to the Pest and Rodent Protection plan in lieu of scheduling one-time services. This plan includes services to eliminate rats, moles, and a larger mouse population than the general pest protection plan covers.

    Bed Bugs Protection Program

    Unlike many other competitors, Saela does offer bed bug control so you can live free of these dangerous pests. Whether you just moved into a new home, you’re renting, or you are a long-time homeowner, Saela can provide you with relief from even the most persistent bed bugs with its comprehensive protection plan offering. Saela’s Bed Bugs Protection Plan is designed to eliminate current bed bug infestations and prevent new ones from developing. 

    Fleas Protection Program

    Not only are fleas annoying — they can be harmful to you and your family, as they carry diseases such as typhus and tularemia. Saela’s flea protection program will eliminate fleas inside your home and out, and once the flea population is terminated, Saela will make sure they cannot easily get back inside your home.

    Saela uses chemical barriers, bait traps, and child-safe pesticides to thoroughly cover your home so that fleas are discouraged from trying to enter again. Saela understands the danger of these tiny nuisances and combats them with natural products so you and your family can continue to enjoy your property during treatment services. 

    Cockroaches Protection Program

    One of the most infamous pests of all, cockroaches can infest anyone’s home. They are widely known as disgusting pests for good reason — they can get into any home and call it their own thanks to their resilient body structure. Cockroaches also carry illnesses like salmonella, E. Coli, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. However, Saela is prepared with trained pest control technicians and years of experience to rid you of cockroach infestation with professional-grade products.

    Mosquitoes Protection Program

    Mosquitoes in the United States can carry dangerous diseases. You may not acquire malaria from a mosquito you find within the states, but you could contract Zika or West Nile virus from these blood-sucking fiends. Saela can help you reclaim your yard so that you can spend your summers enjoying the outdoors rather than hiding inside from mosquitoes.

    Mosquito treatment is a constant battle because experienced professionals understand that mosquitoes in certain areas become resistant over time to the chemicals used to eradicate them. Saela works hard with its entomologists and specialists to develop and execute techniques and mosquito fog that stays ahead of mosquito adaptation. If Saela pest control technicians notice potential danger zones in your yard for mosquitoes to lay eggs (such as standing water), they may add those areas to the treatment plan, which already covers non-flowering trees and plants and the exterior of your home.

    A La Carte Services

    Saela offers additional plans to specifically target and annihilate one type of pest if you have the need. These pests include rats, moles, carpet beetles, and pocket gophers. These services are also plans like the ones listed above but are more rapid fire and targeted. Instead of a subscription, you simply sign up for the program you need and Saela will perform the necessary treatments until your pest problem is solved.

    Saela Pest Control Availability and Locations

    Saela Pest Control, formerly known as Edge Pest Control for 13 years before changing its name to Saela, has been in the pest control business since 2008. Saela means “happiness” in Old Norse, and the name change was made to better reflect company culture and goals.

    Saela was founded in Centennial, Colorado, and has spread to nine other states since 2008, including: 

    • Idaho
    • Illinois
    • Kansas
    • Missouri
    • Oregon
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Washington

    Although this is a relatively small service area considering the size of the country, Saela’s reputation and efficiency set this company apart from many of its larger competitors. If you are lucky enough to be within their service areas, you can count on Saela to rid your home of pests of any kind so you can live your life freely.

    Saela Pest Control Cost Breakdown

    Pricing for pest control services depends on various factors. Factors that will influence pricing may include the type of service you sign up for, how large your home and property are, what kind of pest problem you have, and how intense the infestation is. Luckily, with Saela, you can get a quote quickly, so you know what to expect financially within 24 hours. The company currently does not offer quotes or sample pricing online.

    For example, pest control service plans can be anywhere from $250 to $900 per year, depending on the square footage of the area served and what pests the technicians are dealing with. With Saela (as with many other pest control companies), you pay monthly or quarterly for your service plan.

    Scheduling an Inspection with Saela Pest Control

    Saela is known for its quick response times. You can contact them using their phone number (833) 614-3343, their online chatbox, or by submitting a contact form on their website. The information you can expect to give to the customer service representative is:

    • Your first and last name
    • Your email
    • Your phone number
    • Your zip code
    • A brief message about what service you may be interested in or what pest problem you’re experiencing

    Once you call, chat online, or fill out the contact form, you can expect an extremely quick response and an appointment to be set up for an inspection either the next day or even the same day. Because Saela’s services are so quick to respond to inquiries, it might even be best for you to contact them as soon as you think of getting a pest control company quote.

    Saela Customer Reviews

    Before you hire any type of company to work on or within your home, you need to read multiple reviews from previous customers. Business owners know how important reviews are to customer sentiment, which is why they cherry-pick reviews praising them as a great company on their websites. Third-party review platforms like Google Reviews and Yelp can provide you with an uncensored, honest look at the service quality that previous customers received.

    Online reviews of Saela Pest Control (formerly Edge Pest Control) are overall negative. While some customers reported individual positive experiences from the technicians applying services, many customers were frustrated at the company’s package pricing. Some customers even claim they were tricked into signing a contract that they did not understand.

    Edge Pest Control have done an excellent job helping to maintain a bug barrier around our house over the last year. The company has great communication to ensure we do not have any surprises. — Jennifer B.

    A VERY dishonest company. They will trick you into signing a contract, telling you that you can cancel any time.  But then no matter how many times or how many ways you try to cancel, they won’t let you. — Mickael S.

    Long story short we agreed to give their service a try, we were assured that we were not locked into anything…that was a mistake on my part, turns out I’m locked into a 2 year contract. I specifically asked about this prior to agreeing to service and I was told I could cancel at any time, this was a lie. — Keith F.

    Saela Pest Control vs. Other Pest Control Companies

    CompanyWebsiteOur TakeBBB RatingCostPhone Number
    Terminix Click hereBest OverallB+$550 to $700866-981-1210
    OrkinClick hereBest Emergency ServiceA+~$575877-544-4104
    HawxClick hereBest Localized Pest ControlA-$700 to $900855-908-0610
    TruGreenClick hereBest Lawn Pest ControlA+$140 to $840866-817-2172

    Final Thoughts 

    So long as you know exactly what you’re signing up for, Saela Pest Control can be a solid choice for ongoing home pest control. The company offers specialized treatments for some of the most common pests in its service area and quick responses to inquiries. However, you’ll need to be sure that you’re ready to commit to a pest control plan with Saela before you book. Many customers have complained that at Saela (as was the case at Edge Pest Control), standard plans and policies come as a package deal.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Saela Pest Control

    Does Saela Pest Control get rid of termites?

    Unfortunately, termites seem to be one of the few pests Saela does not cover. Termites require the use of extremely specialized equipment and methods. Since Saela does not work in states with huge termite problems, it focuses its services on other regional pests such as spiders and scorpions.

    Do I have to pay for another plan if pests come back between treatments?

    No. If you experience any problems in between your subscribed Saela treatments, they will return as soon as possible free of charge to re-assess and re-apply chemicals to continue to solve your pest problem.

    How do I contact Saela Pest Control?

    If you’re already signed up with Saela, you can use the phone number Monday-Friday for existing customers, (866) 529-0864. You can also fill out a contact form or sign into your customer portal to ask any questions or address any concerns you have.

    If you’re a new customer, the aforementioned (833) 614-3343 phone number is the way to go. You can also fill out an online contact form or chat through the website, https://saelapest.com/contact. Saela is closed on Sundays.

    What should I do after a pest control treatment?

    After your property receives treatment, let the treatment work. Do not wipe down surfaces right away or vacuum or mop. Don’t water your lawn until a few days after the treatment, so it has time to do its job.

    Company Information

    • Company name: Saela Pest Control (formerly Edge Pest Control) 
    • Company type: Pest control services
    • CEO: Andrew Richardson
    • Year founded: 2008
    • Headquarters: Orem, Utah
    • State availability: Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington
    • BBB rating: A+


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