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June 7, 2023

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    Dodson Pest Control is a Virginia-based pest management company that provides insect and rodent control services for residential homes and commercial businesses. The company provides services for most common pests, including:

    • Ants
    • Bed bugs
    • Rats and mice
    • Roaches
    • Termites

    This Dodson Pest Control Review is designed to help you decide if the company is right for you. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of using Dodson Pest Control, a detailed analysis of the company’s various service plans, and everything you need to know to schedule an appointment.

    One-time visit
    This one-time treatment includes an inspection, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up (if needed), costing $150 to $350.
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    Monthly service
    Averaging $125 to $300 for an initial visit, this service includes inspections and treatments, costing between $50 to $75
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    Annual service
    A recurring service that provides regular inspections and treatments once a year, costing between $125 to $500.
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    Pros and Cons of Dodson Pest Control


    • Excellent customer service track recordt
    • Tons of information on its websitet
    • Customized service plans


    • Limited availability (6 states)
    • More focused on commercial pest control

    Dodson Pest Control Services

    Dodson Pest Control offers a generic residential pest control plan for ongoing pest maintenance as well as targeted plans for treating termite, rodent, and bed bug infestations. The company also has a wealth of commercial pest control options for specific types of businesses like restaurants, warehouses/distribution facilities, and food processing plants.

    All of the company’s pest control plans practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and only use chemical pesticides as a last resort. Dodson follows EPA guidelines for monitoring pest activity and devises non-chemical solutions wherever possible. This approach can help reduce your family’s exposure to hazardous substances during residential treatments and is safer and easier to maintain for commercial customers.

    A Dodson technician assesses your pest situation during an initial visit before quoting you a price, avoiding surprises and giving you the full picture before you have to commit. This is an excellent approach that more pest control companies should adopt.

    Let’s take an in-depth look at Dodson’s residential pest control service plans.

    General Pest Control Plan

    Dodson’s main residential pest control plan covers an initial inspection, a custom IPM-based treatment plan, and preventative treatments designed to help you avoid future pest issues. The General Pest Control Plan is suitable for most household pests, including:

    • Ants
    • Bees
    • Cockroaches
    • Crickets
    • Fleas
    • Silverfish
    • Spiders
    • Stink bugs
    • Wasps

    The General Pest Control Plan uses mechanical pest control first, preferring traps, barriers, and cleanliness techniques over applying chemicals and pesticides. The company will work with you to avoid using pesticides altogether if you have small children or pets or simply don’t want to introduce harmful chemicals into your living area.

    One of the best parts about working with Dodson is how easy it is to contact the company for a free home inspection. You can schedule an appointment online or call your local branch and speak with a Dodson representative.

    Termite Control Plan

    Termites often pose a larger problem for homeowners, so Dodson bundles its termite control separately from its general plan. The good news is that Dodson offers free termite inspections, so it won’t cost you any more money to have your home inspected for termite activity.

    Dodson uses subterranean termite treatments to manage termite problems. These treatments apply a liquid designed to protect your home from termite invasions underneath your floors and around the perimeter of your house. The chemicals in the liquid are safe for both pets and humans — including children.

    Scheduling a free termite inspection is as easy as scheduling a general inspection and can be done on the company’s website or over the phone.

    Bed Bug Management Plan

    Bed bugs are another more complicated pest problem that Dodson treats independently from its general pest plan. Dodson manages bed bugs using sophisticated techniques tailored to your situation, preferring liquid treatments for localized minor infestations and only turning to extreme measures like fumigation as a last resort.

    Dodson’s bed bug management begins with an inspection assessing your bed bug situation. The company uses highly-trained canines to detect bed bugs and help your Dodson pest control technician locate the source of the infestation. Once your technician knows the extent of the bed bug problem, they will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that includes steps to avoid future infestations.

    Rodent Management

    Dodson also has you covered when it comes to rodent management. Rodent inspections are often more difficult than other kinds of inspections since it’s harder to detect signs of rodent activity during the day. Your technician will rely on your reports and inspect your property for signs of rat or mice droppings and damage from gnawing or scratching.

    The company uses bait stations, rodent traps, and strategic alterations to your home’s entry points to eliminate the current rodent population and prevent rats and mice from re-entering your home. Dodson sanitizes any areas in your home with rodent droppings, ensuring good health for you and your family. Your technician will also recommend steps you can take to avoid future rodent problems. Read this guide on the cost to rat extermination services for cost information.

    Moisture Control

    Dodson can also help out if you have mold or fungus from excessive moisture. While these services are outside the realm of pest control, they are important to consider if you live in humid conditions or have poor ventilation since mold and fungus can cause a variety of dangerous illnesses.

    Dodson Pest Control Availability and Locations

    Unfortunately, Dodson is a small company with only 38 locations throughout six states, including:

    • Maryland
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Virginia
    • West Virginia

    On the bright side, all of Dodson’s services are available at all of the company’s locations. You can find a full list of all of Dodson’s locations on the company’s website. There is also a Dodson location in Washington, D.C.

    Dodson Pest Control Cost Breakdown

    Dodson doesn’t publish its prices on its website, so you’ll have to schedule an inspection to get a quote. In general, the price of pest control services depends on what kind of pests you have, the extent of the problem, your property size, and whether or not you have special requests like avoiding pesticides.

    Dodson’s website specifically mentions that the company’s termite control plan’s pricing depends on your home’s size since the treatment involves applying a liquid treatment to its perimeter.

    Scheduling an Inspection with Dodson Pest Control 

    Scheduling an inspection with Dodson Pest Control is quick and painless. You can either fill out the Free Inspection form on the company’s website or call your local Dodson branch. Either way, you should have the following information available beforehand:

    • The kind of pests you have (or think you have)
    • Your availability
    • Whether you have small children or pets
    • The approximate area that needs treatment in square feet
    • Special requests like a preference to avoid pesticides

    You don’t need anything besides that basic information since your technician will discuss further details regarding your customized treatment plan after the inspection is complete. You won’t be able to receive a quote without an inspection since Dodson prices its services based on the specific details of your situation.

    Dodson Pest Control Customer Reviews

    Before you schedule an appointment with Dodson, it’s a good idea to check out some customer reviews to get a sense of what current customers think about the company. Here is a small selection of reviews to help you get started.

    “Dodson Pest control has been coming out to my house for more than a year. Josh is the person that comes out and sprays. He is professional and friendly. During the Covid-19 times, he keeps his distance when in the home spraying. I really appreciate Dodson Pest control hiring such a wonderful employee. I give him and Dodson Pest control 5 Stars.” — Carla R

    “Dodson Pest Control has been handling our pest services for approximately 10 years now. Our technician is Joe J and he does a great job for us. I would recommend Dodson for their great service!!” — Sidney Hendricks

    “Elijah B just left my house for my monthly inspection. He did a thorough inspection just like it was the first time here. Checked everything outside and replaced any items that needed to be replaced. He explained in detail a few things about these critters, lol I didn’t know. He sent me a text about 4 days before letting me know when he would be here. Totally satisfied with him and this company. I would highly recommend. They deliver what they advertise!” — Linda Martin

    Dodson Pest Control vs. Other Pest Control Companies

    Wondering how Dodson Pest Control compares to other pest management options in your area? The table below provides a side-by-side look at Dodson and other top-rated companies.

    CompanyWebsiteOur TakeBBB RatingCostPhone Number
    Dodson Pest Controlhttps://www.dodsonbros.com/ Best in the SoutheastA+$$$434-847-9051
    Bulwark Exterminating https://www.bulwarkpestcontrol.com/ Most optionsA+ $600–$700 per year1-888-590-3502
    Natran Green Pest Control https://natran.com/ Best Natural Pest ControlNot rated$588+ per year281-326-9915
    Orkinhttps://www.orkin.com/ Best emergency serviceA+$575+ per year1-877-819-5061
    Terminixhttps://www.terminix.com/ Best overallC+$550+ per year1-855-485-6300

    Final Thoughts

    Dodson Pest Control is a good choice for basic pest services, termite control, or bed bug management if you live in one of the six states where the company operates. The company is known for being responsive and going the extra mile to provide top-notch customer service. Although its website doesn’t mention anything about a satisfaction guarantee, something many other pest control companies offer. Still, Dodson’s prices are competitive, and the company’s free inspections and customized treatment plans make it an attractive option.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dodson Pest Control

    How much is Dodson Pest Control?

    According to customer reviews, Dodson Pest Control’s prices are average. The company will do a free inspection before giving you a quote, so having one of Dodson’s exterminators come to take a look is risk-free. Your price from Dodson will depend on what type of pest control you need, the degree of infestation you’re dealing with, and the size of the area you need to be treated.

    What type of pests does Dodson Pest Control exterminate?

    Dodson Pest Control can handle most common household pests, including ants, roaches, termites, and rodents. However, the company does not offer mosquito treatments, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want your yard protected from mosquitoes.

    Is Dodson Pest Control's method natural?

    No, although the company only uses chemical pesticides when they are absolutely necessary. Dodson’s pest control philosophy is to choose mechanical treatments first, building barriers, sealing cracks, and sanitizing infested living areas before implementing poisons or pesticides. The company will work with you to find the right kind of treatment for you and your family, avoiding chemicals wherever possible and ensuring your family is safe if your treatment includes hazardous substances.

    Company Information

    • Company name: Dodson Pest Control
    • Company type: Private
    • CEO: Bert Dodson, Jr.
    • Year founded: 1944
    • Headquarters: 3712 Campbell Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
    • State availability: 6
    • BBB rating: A+


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