Termites in Your House: What You Should Know

Termite house damage, seen beside a pest control worker removing the termites
Termites annually cause more than $5 billion in property damage. Here’s what you should know about them, and how to protect your house from their destruction. (DepositPhotos)

Did you know that termites annually cause more than $5 billion in property damage? In fact, some colonies have up to 2 million members, including workers, soldiers and reproductive termites, eating up the house.

Termites, one of the most destructive pests in the world, are the topic of this special Today’s Homeowner Podcast.

Listen as we speak to Dr. Jim Fredericks, a board-certified entomologist and current member of the National Pest Management Association. The NPMA, established in 1933, is a non-profit organization that aids the pest management industry in protecting public health, food and property from diseases and pests.Dr. Jim Fredericks
Termite Damage
Some termite colonies have 2 million members with one mission: to destroy your house.

During this podcast, you’ll learn about the different types of termites and why they are attracted to your house. In addition, you’ll learn about the signs of termites in your home.

Termite swarm
Termites tend to swarm at the beginning of spring.

For instance, during spring, you can expect a termite phenomenon known as swarming, when thousands of termites come out of hiding.

In this podcast, Fredericks explains why termites swarm near your house each year, at the same time, like clockwork. In addition, Danny shares a story about two unassuming houseguests who witnessed a termite swarm up close and personal.

And, did you know termites can communicate with each other? They use chemical cues and so-called “headbanging” to warn others of danger. You can actually hear them, too, if you listen closely.

Danny and Dr. Fredericks also discuss how the EPA uses chemicals to combat termites.

spray foam insulation
Installing spray foam insulation could nullify your termite bond.

Did you know that installing a certain kind of insulation can nullify your house’s termite bond? Spray foam insulation can actually hide signs of termites, preventing a pest control company from doing a proper inspection.

To learn more about termites and other pests that plague homes, visit pestworld.org.

Listen above for the full podcast!



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