Bad Beetle! The Insect That Damages Your Home’s Pipes | Ep. 51

On this Week’s Podcast:

Have you heard about a beetle that can chew through your Pex pipes? Keep an eye out for this bug. 

Touching up paint? It could leave blemishes on your walls, even if you use the same color. Here’s how to make flawless repairs.

• Joe’s Simple Solution will help you clean your dusty shop using a wet-dry vacuum and a bicycle inner tube.

Question of the Week:

Mary Jane from California writes,

“Our house is on top of a steep slope where the gophers wreak havoc, but now, after 29 years of living here, they are coming up between the cement driveway and the asphalt street!

There’s no space to put the trap, and we are so frustrated with the constant battle. PLEASE HELP!”

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    • Hi, Eleanor,
      Hairline cracks on a toilet (which are completely cosmetic) are easily covered with porcelain epoxy.
      You can find some at your local home center.
      Let us know how it goes. 🙂


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