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April 21, 2024

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    Mosquito head nets are fine mesh nets made in a tube shape, closed at one end and open at the other. Mesh in the net needs to be small enough to prevent mosquitoes from passing through the net.

    The Tanzania Standard says the holes in the net have to be a minimum of 1/12.48 of an inch in diameter (156 holes per square inch). It also recommends that the net be made of 100% polyester. They should allow air to travel freely in and out so you can breathe normally, and they shouldn’t trap heat inside the net.

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    How Do Mosquito Head Nets Work?

    Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide that you exhale, among other things. It is one of the indicators to them that suitable prey is in the area. This is why they’re always buzzing around your head. They’re also attracted to heat, and your ears are perfect radiators of heat, yet another reason mosquitoes are attracted to your head. You need some way to keep them at bay. Enter the mosquito head nets.

    Mosquito head nets work to create a physical barrier between you and the mosquitoes. As long as the mesh netting is smaller than 156 holes per square inch, most mosquitoes can’t get through it.

    The nets also have to have to be long enough that the bottom can be tucked inside your shirt, otherwise, the mosquitoes will be able to crawl up inside the net. Some nets have drawstrings to accomplish the same goal.

    How Do You Find The Best Mosquito Head Net?

    Look for nets that meet or exceed the Tanzania Standards above. Keep in mind, the standards only apply to mosquitoes. Gnats and other smaller insects may still be able to get through the minimum netting standards.

    If you want to keep out smaller insects, you’ll need to get a net with smaller holes in it. Amazon carries most of the mosquito head nets on the market and can ship them directly to you.

    Are Mosquito Head Nets Effective?

    Used properly, with a hat that has a brim on it to keep the net from laying on your skin, then yes, the nets are extremely effective.

    If you don’t wear a hat, or if you wear a hat with only a narrow brim, the net will lay flat against your skin.

    How Do You Use A Mosquito Head Net?

    You need to wear a wide-brimmed hat in order to properly use a mosquito head net. The wide brim keeps the net away from your face, cheeks, ears, and neck. As long as it doesn’t come into physical contact with your skin, mosquitoes can’t reach you and can’t bite you.

    There isn’t any negotiation on this point. You have to wear a wide-brimmed hat. If the net is too small to wear over the right hat, you might as well not get it at all.

    Did You Know

    Mosquitoes might not be able to get through the mesh but their proboscis will be able to reach your skin and bite you. If you want mosquito head nets to work, you have to use them correctly.

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    Are Mosquito Head Nets Safe Around My Pets and Children?

    The CDC recommends the use of nets for children when traveling in areas that are heavily by mosquitoes. You should put nets around their beds when they are sleeping at night and ensure they wear properly secured head nets during the day. So yes, head nets are safe around children.

    The answer is less certain around pets. They will resist any kind of netting being put around their head so during the day it would be best to keep them in a kennel with a net over the outside of the kennel. When you have to let your dogs outside to go, make sure you rub some antibacterial cream on them to keep the mosquitoes away from them.

    Top 5 Best Mosquito Head Net

    Below we take a closer look at each product noting the pros and cons to be aware of before buying!

    1. EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh
    2. Benvo Head Net Mesh
    3. Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net with Insect Shield
    4. Cozy Cabin Head Net Hat
    5. Ben’s InvisiNet Xtra with Insect Shield Repellent

    EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh

    This is the biggest mosquito net available, measuring 24.5″ at the top x 23.5″ high x 39.5″ at the bottom. The large size means it will fit over a wide variety of hats so you can wear your own favorite hat, and has a very fine mesh to keep out mosquitoes, at 380 holes per square inch.

    The black mesh is easy to see through. It has a drawstring at the bottom to make it simple to put on and take off. The mesh is strong and stretchy, as well as being so lightweight you’ll barely know it is there.

    380 holes per square inch
    Extremely lightweight
    Not machine washable

    Benvo Head Net Mesh

    This mosquito net has an extra fine mesh on it at 522 holes but it doesn’t seem to breathe as much as it should. It is also shorter than it should be. It sometimes leaves your neck exposed.

    It comes eight different colors to match your personal taste. There are two nets in each package and each net has its own storage bag included at no extra charge.

    522 holes per square inch
    Eight different colors
    100% nylon
    Too small
    Doesn’t always ship with two nets

    Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net with Insect Shield

    This head net has a neck cinch that works remarkably well. It is made from a soft multifilament polyester. It is cool and comfortable. The mesh is treated with permethrin insecticide, an old and overused product that isn’t as effective as it was 30 years ago due to insects building up a tolerance for it. Somewhat pricey compared to other head nets.

    500 holes per square inch
    Made from multifilament polyester
    Only works with narrow-brimmed hats
    Contains insecticide

    Cozy Cabin Head Net Hat

    This mosquito head net hat from Cozy Cabin is made of high-quality, durable material. It’s ideal for:

    • Working in the garden
    • Camping
    • Fishing
    • Hiking

    This fully adjustable hat is machine washable, and it comes in either brown or black. So, it will go with almost anything.

    The Cozy Cabin Head Net Hat is never treated with any toxic insect repellents. So, it’s perfectly safe to use anytime. Yet, it works for most flying insects.

    Strong material
    Too small to use with a hat
    Mesh won’t keep out gnats

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