Which Pest Left That Mess: A Guide to Find the Culprit

Carpenter ants are a top pest, but would you know how to identify them by their damage? Read this guide and you will! (DepositPhotos)

Across the U.S., home and business owners deal with daily pest problems.

Alongside mice, which cause problems for at least 29% of Americans, carpenter ants have quickly become a top nuisance pest.

When it comes to pest removal, it’s crucial to identify the right pest by the damage left. This will help you avoid further damage by using wrong or even unnecessary pesticides that harm homes and the environment.

Pest controlis also expensive, with homeowners across the U.S. spending billions on removing pests as well as paying for costly home repairs, something which isn’t covered by home insurance companies.

Target Specialty, a pest control provider, has created a visual guide to help home and business owners identify their unwanted critter by the clues they have left.

Included is a handy floor plan showing the kinds of pests most likely to appear in each room, so users are able to start the elimination process early.

Additionally, as pests are a costly and often stressful issue, you can find advice on prevention for each pest.

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