A Homeowner’s Nightmare: Termites

Pest control experts Ehrlich recently published a useful guide with everything you need to know about the most destructive pest for homeowners: termites.

The infographic “Termite Facts to Chomp On” reveals that termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage in the US alone and is a cost that is often not covered by most home insurance policies. One termite queen can produce almost 1,000 eggs every day and live for more than 25 years – that’s more than 9,000,000 eggs in her lifetime. This means that a queen can produce more than 30 colonies in her lifetime, and it only takes one colony to destroy a home.

Thankfully there are ways to protect your home from termite damage. These include:

  • Removing debris from against the home
  • Fixing broken roof tiles and leaking downpipes
  • Closing up foundation cracks
  • Keeping your garden mulch away from the foundations

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