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Termite protection may be on hold for some folks depending on the type of insulation they may have.

We spoke with a homeowner struggling with getting a termite bond because he’s considering spray foam in his new house. Danny and Joe talk about what may be causing this concern between the companies.

Plus, an easy and inexpensive way to update a classic brick mantle, and multiple ways you can enclose a back porch.

Joe has a solution to clean dingy grout lines with simple household items.

Listener Questions

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Updating a Brick Mantle
Brian from Alabama says, “My wife and I are back to remodeling our old house. The house is a late 1950’s ranch style home, it came with the basics, 100amp service, single pane tilting windows, no HVAC, and a wood stove, etc. After I purchased it in 2015, I had the entire home replumbed, new wiring thru out, upgraded from 100 amp to 200 amp service, had the latest seer heat pump HVAC system installed. All new vinyl energy efficient windows installed. Now we are back to modernizing the inside. House has a traditional wood stove with a full brick mantel up to the wall and is rounded in the front. We are keeping the wood stove because who doesn’t like having a fire on a chilly night. Looking for ideas or information on how to best modernize the mantel to accommodate a new look and feel to our old but pleasant little home.”

Spray Foam Affecting Termite Bonds
Ryan from Mississippi says, “Danny, my wife and I are building our forever home on 40 acres in Lucedale. I am subbing out the construction myself and was planning on using spray foam insulation, but I have been calling around to several major termite bonding companies and seems they all aren’t covering homes with spray foam insulation. I am not sure what to do. Could you please help with this decision?”

Porch Evolution
Ricky from Georgia says, “I would like to enclose my back porch to make it usable year-round. What’s the easiest DIY way?”


Electrical Fire Safety with Leviton
Danny and Joe talk about Electrical Fire Safety with Talia Salvador from Leviton.

Simple Solutions

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Grout Cleaning Tip
If the grout in your home looks a bit dull and dingy, mix a 50/50 solution of oxygen bleach and hot water, and apply it to the grout joints with a sponge. Wait 10 minutes, then soak the grout with more bleach solution. After 10 more minutes, rinse the surface with clean water.

Capturing Sanding Dust
To reduce airborne dust when sanding, tape a standard HVAC air filter to the intake side of a portable box fan. Turn the fan on and position it near where you’re sanding with the filter facing the sander. The filter will trap much of the sanding dust, making clean up a breeze.

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