Renovating a Patio with Recycled Items

Reinstall and Stain Pavers

We’re ready to reinstall the now pressure-washed pavers, so first, we spread sand on the patio foundation, and then we determine the layout. We’re going to switch things up from the earlier arrangement.  

We’re placing the recycled pavers in a basketweave pattern and a grid formation, sweeping sand into the joints, filling the joints with pea gravel and staining the pavers.

Once the stain dries, we coat the whole surface with Quikrete Concrete and Masonry Waterproofing Sealer to complete our recycled patio!

Build a Firepit

Removing Joe’s fire pit is bittersweet because this was his first home improvement project, but we will reuse the bricks from his and Audra’s retaining wall, so we’re being efficient, and the fire pit will still have an interesting backstory.   

To lay out the new fire pit, we use a stake and a string as a compass so we can begin digging and get a nice foundation for the blocks that will later become the fire pit.

Watch: ‘How to Build a Fire Pit’


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