How to Build a Patio Sitting Wall

A sitting wall is a functional architectural enhancement to your home, and building one with pavers is easy.

First, draw a curve or radius on the ground with paint. Along that line, dig a 1-foot-wide trench and fill it with paver base. This will double as a retaining wall, so the foundation is extremely important.

Once the base is in and compacted, start placing RumbleStone blocks. We have trapezoid blocks designed to create curves, but not one exactly this size and shape, so small pie-shaped pieces have to be cut off the square, three-and-a-half-inch blocks. This will allow them to follow the exact curve for this particular wall.

Once all the blocks for each row are cut and dry fit, secure them to the previous row with construction adhesive.

For strength, make sure that the seams of each row are overlapped by blocks in the row above it.

Once the wall reaches its full height, the 1 and 3/4 inch large, rectangular blocks are used to cap the wall, giving it a more finished look and a nice, comfortable place to sit.


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