Constructing Lattice for the Kuppersmith Project House

To provide privacy for the backyard of the Kuppersmith Project house, the outer wall of the breezeway leading from the house to the garage was covered with wooden latticework.

Rather than using premade lattice panels, we built our own latticework from strips of solid cypress lumber. Making our own lattice gave the house a more finished look and allowed the lattice covered door to bend into the wall of lattice around it.

We installed the horizontal strips of lattice first, using a scrap of lattice for a spacer between the strips. Vertical pieces of lattice were then nailed to the horizontal pieces to tie everything together.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


  1. Replacing lattice and like the idea of creating lattice vs buying the 4×8′ panels especially as space is >than 4×8. Wondering what staples using and whether they will hold up long term near saltwater? Galv vs potential for SS?


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