Azek Vast composite pavers are:

  • Made from up to 95% recycled plastic and rubber.
  • Weigh much less than concrete or brick pavers.
  • Use an interlocking grid base for easy alignment and installation.
  • Can be installed on the ground, over concrete, or over a wood deck.
  • Can be cut with a standard miter saw or jigsaw.
  • Are available in different colors and thicknesses.
  • Carry a lifetime warranty against cracking.

Watch the video above to find out more.


Danny Lipford: Boy, I always love the look of brick pavers. But this is a little different. It actually is not a brick paver at all. And Scott Sester is going to tell us exactly what it is. What is this thing?

Scott Sester: Hi, Danny. It is a paver made from recycled tires and plastics. No longer going into our landfills. The pavers are one-third the weight of concrete. They cut with traditional wood saws, miter saws and jigsaws. And because they absorb less than one percent of moisture, we guarantee they will not crack in a residential application.

Danny Lipford: Man, this is just so cool. What about the installation of it? And also I notice you have all kinds of different thicknesses and sizes and shapes and so forth. But what about exactly… How do-it-yourself-friendly is it maybe?

Scott Sester: You know, it’s a very friendly do-it-yourself product. Because it is light weight, you have all the tools in your garage to work with this. And it all fits on this grid. This is a 16″ x 16″ grid. Same material. Recycled tires and plastics, no longer going to landfills. But when you install this, you lay down your grids, then you take your pavers, whatever design you’re going to do, basket weave, herringbone.

Danny Lipford: Oh, so you can change that up?

Scott Sester: Absolutely. And mix and match colors as well. But when you’re installing this, you want to overlap a paver between two grids. Now, your whole sub-base is interconnected and your lines will have to be straight. You can’t have crooked lines with this grid system.

Danny Lipford: And I would think the kids would love to help you with this.

Scott Sester: We have a lot of kids that’ll help put down pavers. Because it is… Over and over people say, it’s like LEGOs for adults.

Danny Lipford: Wow! That’s awesome.

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