Building Wing Walls with Pavestone Pavers

Pavestone seat walls are a beautiful and functional addition to any paver patio and they’re easy to build.

As with any project, the first step is to make your plans. Use stakes, strings and spray paint to map out where you want the walls to go.

For these wing walls, we first laid a line of pavers straight over the paver base, making sure it’s level and at the correct angle.

In this design, we turned the second layer of pavers to a 45-degree angle to give it some style. Each should be evenly spaced and it’s a good idea to place a non-angled paver on each end of the seat for re-enforcement.

Using construction adhesive, add a layer of pavers on top of the angled pieces to create a seat.

Next, add a second layer of pavers on top of the first, again using construction adhesive to secure them together. When adding the second layer, stagger the seams to give it more strength.


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