A Dash of WIFI W/ Your BBQ

WIFI enabled wood pellet grill
This grill utilizes wifi to help you keep an eye on your bbq.

By now many of you use WIFI to listen to music, connect your laptops and phones to the internet and even control your thermostats. But, did you know you could grill with WIFI as well? Traeger’s Pro 575 WIFI Pellet Grill & Smoker is fueled by 100% real wood pellets and smart technology in what it’s calling WiFire Technology. Here’s how it works. The WiFire tech gives you the ability to monitor the food’s temperature and adjust accordingly right from your smartphone – plus the app on your phone comes with hundreds of recipes. And, this grill provides everything you need to be the neighborhood grill master. An extra grill rack, exterior storage hooks, a probe to check temperatures, and all-terrain wheels to take the show on the road.
For more information on the Traeger Pro 575 WIFI Pellet Grill and smoker log on to Homedepot.com.


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