Recycled Patio Renovation on a Budget

Pour a Concrete Countertop

Remember those old bricks from the retaining wall and planters? Well, we have one more use for them: we’re recycling those into columns for a concrete countertop.

About a week ago our handyman, Bear, formed a concrete countertop for this project. He poured it upside down in our workshop, and now it’s ready to come out of the forms.  

Watch: ‘How to Pour a Concrete Countertop’

After a little sanding to soften the edges, the countertop is ready for its new home. All we have to do is apply Titebond Construction Adhesive to adhere it to the home, and we have the finishing touch for this recycled patio.   

Post-Production Thoughts

Now, Joe and Audra have a recycled fire pit that the whole family can enjoy without sitting on top of each other!

With the retaining wall gone, the patio is larger, more open, and has much more character, thanks to the addition of a pea gravel grid.

The stain and sealer have given new life to the old, recycled pavers. And the simple concrete counter, sitting on the recycled brick columns, will make family meals and entertaining even easier. 

Plus, we did it all with less than $800 in new materials.

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