A successful paint job requires two things: good prep and good tools. Wooster’s latest paint brushes meet and exceed both expectations.

“Good tools” doesn’t just refer to brushes and rollers that last a long time. Your painting tools need to make it easy for you to do your best work. And, ideally, they need to help prevent common user errors.

That’s why this Wooster Shortcut Hook and Hold Sash Brush might be one of my new favorites.

Wooster Shortcut Hook and Hold Sash Brush clipped on the side of a paint can
The Wooster Shortcut Hook and Hold Sash Brush has an ergonomic, flexible handle and a plastic swivel-hook. It’s perfect for hanging the brush on the side of a paint can or bucket.

The Convenience of Shortcut Brushes

“Shortcut” brushes — which have been around for a while — make working in tight spaces much easier. The Shortcut Hook and Hold Sash Brush’s short handle is ergonomic and flexible, which makes this one even more convenient for angled work.

The soft elastomeric handle gives you extra comfort and control, and the full-size head means these small brushes still deliver smooth, fast coverage.

But Wooster’s paint brushes add another advantage.

The little integrated plastic swivel-hook is a simple addition that leaves a big impression. It’s perfect for hanging the brush on the side of a paint can or bucket.

That means you can spend less time looking for a safe place to park your brush — which, for many people, ends up being in an open can or paint tray, where it inevitably falls in, ruining the brush — and less time cleaning up messes!

About Wooster Paint Brushes

If you’re wondering, “Are Wooster paint brushes any good?” now you know a few reasons why they’re not just good, but great!

And that shouldn’t come as a surprise because they’ve been around for quite a while.

The Wooster Brush Company, established in 1851, began with its founder Adam Foss’ production of handmade bristle paintbrushes in Wooster, Ohio, according to its website.

Wooster is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the United States, and the company has expanded significantly since its humble beginnings. It now has 650 employees and more than 2,000 products for painters of varying skill levels.  

So, if you’re convinced that this is the best option for your job, and you’re wondering, “Who sells Wooster paint brushes?” well, that’s easy. You can find them at The Home Depot!

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