The Best Flat Paint with a Durable Finish

Have you ever painted a room only to find the new flat finish scuffed up a day or two later? That’s not even a question if you have small children, but the problem is real for all of us!

Fortunately, Behr has the solution.

The Power of NanoGuard Technology

Behr’s Ultra Scuff Defense Stain-Blocking Paint and Primer in One creates an extra protective shell that provides you peace of mind.

The magic ingredient is NanoGuard technology that allows Behr to pack super-small particles, making its flat paint much more durable.

So, even a flat finish — which usually hides imperfections well, but is less durable compared to alternatives — continues to look new longer.

Having the Best of Both Worlds

The real benefit of Behr’s Ultra Scuff Defense Stain-Blocking Paint and Primer in One is that even with a “flat” sheen, you can have the scuff resistance of gloss — a rich finish tough enough for high-traffic areas.

So, you don’t have to compromise from the “flat” finish look you want to get the durability you need!

Scuff Defense features an antimicrobial mildew-resistant finish, along with a stain-blocking, stain-resistant formula, so when you do have to clean it, the job is easy — just grab some soap and water. 

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!
Find Behr Ultra Scuff Defense Paint at The Home Depot

How to Paint Walls

Now that you know which flat paint to buy for extra protection, it’s time to cover those walls! If you need help, check out our “How to Paint Walls” series.

It features tips for prepping interior walls, how to paint the walls themselves, and even how to paint the trim.

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