Paint Splatter Guard

If you have a sizable paint job around your home you may consider buying your paint in a 5-gallon bucket. There are definitely advantages of doing this: you won’t have so many individual cans to carry around, and it’s more economical. The problem is that it is harder to mix the paint when it’s in a large container.

Many homeowners will attempt to use a mechanical mixer but end up with more paint on their clothes and on the floor than anywhere else. Here’s how to go about it without making a mess:

  • Buy an extra lid to fit the paint bucket.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the lid with a 7/8″ diameter bit.
  • Remove the lid from the paint can and replace it with the modified lid.
  • Thread a paint mixer through the hole.
  • Chuck the mixer shaft into a drill.
  • Put the lid on the paint can and mix.


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