Homemade Holder for Dispensing Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is great for protecting trim from drips and runs when painting interior walls. To keep the tape handy when you need it, make a simple belt holder from a piece of coat hanger wire.


  1. i just watch some of tapes and i am so amazed that you have just great likes.Wanted to see kitchen drawers,how to clean them neat!!! Thanks,keep on doing your ideas!!I think they are great!!!!Jo Ann Dove

  2. Hi Jo Ann, I’m so glad you like our Simple Solutions. We’ve shot hundreds over the past several years, so I’m sure you’ll find many more useful tips.
    We have not shown how to clean kitchen drawers, but I’d recommend emptying them out completely, vacuuming out the dust and crumbs, and then wiping down the interior with a damp sponge. Dry the surfaces well, then–and here’s the real trick–install plastic liners. The liners will help organize the contents and make clean up easier. Just lift out the liners and wipe down the drawers. Thanks for writing and good luck!–Joe T.


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