Paintbrush and Tool Extension Pole Holder

The Mr. LongArm Brush and Tool Holder attaches to a standard threaded extension pole, and allows you to attach a paintbrush or other tool for easy access in hard-to-reach areas.

The brush or tool can be locked in place in 13 different positions to allow it to work in a wide range of applications.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know, having an extension pole in all your painting projects is nothing new, and it definitely helps you get those hard to reach places way up. But you know, most rollers come threaded, so it’s no big deal to just twist this right on and get to work. But what if you need to hold, say a paintbrush, or a tool for that matter, to get up in a high place?

Well, Mr. LongArm has come up with this brush and tool holder. And inside the package, you have this little arm that attaches nicely to an extension pole. Now, here’s the arm, and I’ve gone ahead and put the paintbrush on it.

And you see how there’s a little screw that threads right through the hole that locks it into place, and then this clamp locks right down on it. And all I have to do is simply twist this onto the extension pole, and I’m ready to go.

Now, another feature that I like about this is that I can adjust this little knob right here, and I can get up to 13 different angles for my paintbrush. I can also attach, say a duster or a cleaning brush on this as well, and get all of my projects done in no time.


  1. Hi I am interested in buying your roller pole paintbrush attachment. Can you tell me how to go about purchasing one please.


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