Options to Improve the Look of a Garage Floor

Applying an epoxy coating to a garage floor.
Applying an epoxy coating to a garage floor.

If your concrete garage floor has seen better days, there are several options available to improve the way it looks.

Garage Floor Improvement Options:

  • Concrete Stain: Applying concrete stain is quick and easy, but it provides the least protection over time.
  • Epoxy Coating: Applying an epoxy coating is more labor intensive than concrete stain, and it can peel if the floor is not prepared properly.
  • Rubber Tiles: Installing interlocking, rubber tile flooring is easy to do and durable, but it’s the most expensive option.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: People often want to know what their options are to cover up a concrete garage floor.

Concrete stain is a quick, easy, inexpensive option to improve the floor’s appearance, but it probably has the biggest risk of failure with repeated vehicle traffic.

An epoxy coating tends to hold up a lot better to hot car tires, but it requires a fair amount of preparation before it is applied, and the cost is somewhat higher.

An interlocking rubber tile floor to completely cover the concrete will handle almost any amount of vehicle wear with ease and it’s relatively easy to install. The tradeoff is that the cost of these systems is much higher than the other two options.


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