To create visual interest on the walls of the dining room in the Kuppersmith Project, similar to the effect the designer from Better Homes and Gardens magazine achieved with wall mounted fabric panels, we covered pieces of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with wallpaper, applied a frame of mitered molding around the outside, then hung the frames on the wall.

You can get a similar decorative bordered accent by applying strips of FrogTape painter’s tape directly to a wall. Paint between the strips of tape, then peel the tape off while the paint is still wet to expose the contrasting border design.

FrogTape painter’s tape is the best choice for this type of decorative painting, since it is specially designed to keep paint from seeping under the tape.

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Taking an old home, like the Kuppersmith house built in 1926, and bringing it up to date for today’s modern family, but keeping the rich character of that era is a real challenge. Here’s a great example from FrogTape.

The panel that Amber’s painting in the kitchen is just like this panel, and this is what Joe Boehm – our lead designer for the house and for Better Homes & Gardens – wanted us to create so that we had a little bit of color, a little splash of design here in the dining room on the walls. We’re going to have four of these panels that we’re going to make, and you can see the wallpaper is a sample of it here that will go inside the frames once they’re painted and once they’re mounted.

Now, if you like this idea to just kind of put in a little splash of color in a room like this, well you can achieve the same thing without having to build a frame if you use the right tape and just a little bit of time. What I did here is I just created these two little squares, with the intention that you could actually paint around this area to create a framework. You could even put a picture here and do that for a little splash of color around a picture.

And this particular tape, FrogTape, has a paint block technology so it will prevent any of the paint from seeping out into the lines where you want to keep them nice and straight. That’s the only way you can get it really looking like a professional did that.

So very easy, you just put the tape on, take your putty knife and kind of smooth it out real well, paint it. And while the paint is still wet, carefully remove the tape and have those nice clean lines. And a way to, again, introduce a little color in a room like this.

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