How to Hack a Paint Sleeve into 3 Pieces

You need a 3-inch paint roller for some spaces, but you don’t need to purchase small paint sleeves. (DepositPhotos)

The quickest and easiest way to apply paint to broad surfaces is with a 9-inch paint roller.

The problem is, lots of rooms have spaces where the 9-inch sleeve won’t fit, which is why they make a 3-inch paint roller.

But the sleeves that fit onto the 3-inch rollers cost two to three dollars apiece — about the same as a 9-inch sleeve — so I thought you could save quite a bit of money by cutting down the 9-inch sleeve.

Just take a hacksaw and cut the sleeve into three 3-inch-long sections and then use a pair of scissors just to trim the rough edges.

There’ll be lots of lint and burrs on the end so just trim that off nice and smooth.

What you end up end up with is this, a 3-inch paint roller sleeve that fits perfectly on the smaller frame.

And these cost only 70 cents apiece!


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