How to Choose the Right Paint Primer for Your Home

Primer is designed to bond new paint to the old surface, but it’s not made to hold up to the elements as the finished coat on your home. Also, be aware that there are different types of primer available for different applications, so be sure to select the right one.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. would it be a good idea perhaps to prime the ceiling before painting ( ceiling in shower) it has been painted several times, but it just keeps peeling and chipping ( it is scraped before painting ) so that is not the issue. But repeated showers and steam cause it to start peeling soon after painting. We also have an exhaust fan and light in the shower ceiling as well, so it is vented. Also what is the best paint and product to use? thanks much

  2. I recently installed pressure treated pine around garage doors. It’s been in for 6 weeks and I want to caulk and get one coat of primer then latex paint on the wood before cold weather (Atlanta area). Do you recommend latex or oil base primer? Every paint store I talk to gives me a different answer.
    Enjoy the show!

    • Hi Doug,
      Either will work. Oil based primer blocks stains and knots better, but it tends to peel more, particularly if the pressure treated wood is still damp, so I would opt for a stainblocking latex primer.

  3. when painting cinder block with green moisture barrier paint, should I prime before or after applying this green moisture barrier?
    – Howard

  4. Hi friend,
    I just tore old carpet off my front porch. However, the adhesive remains on the concrete stairs and porch. It’s too difficult to remove the adhesive so I just painted right over it. Will this give me a problem down the road?

  5. I primed my yellow pine door frames with bullseye primer and painted with rustolum latex paint but the knot holes are still bleeding though, what did I do wrong and how do I correct it?

    • Hi, Rita!
      Danny says, “It is very hard to block the bleed-through that occurs with some knotty wood. The best way to block it is with a shellac-based primer. One that I’ve used is called Bin from Zinsser. Good luck!”


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